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"10,000 Reasons", Matt Redman - CD Review

By Joe Cameneti, Jr. on July 12, 2011

It’s called 10,000 Reasons, and although I don’t have quite that many for liking this album, I am inspired from front to finish by the heart and message of this unique live worship experience.

Of course, when you’re the writer of classics like “The Heart of Worship,” “Blessed Be Your Name,” and “Facedown” (to name a few), you’re greatest challenge will forever be the comparisons to your former work, but I can say with full confidence, “Matt Redman has absolutely done it again!”

Laced with a new sound and a familiar knack for finding new ways to say the same old thing, 10,000 Reasons is sure to be an instant classic in any worshiper’s repertoire.

Recorded live at the Lift Conference, a worship collective in Atlanta, Georgia with over 1,000 worship leaders and pastors belting out a song of praise, this album carries with it a special “something.” Call it the Holy Spirit, anointing or simply “it.” Whatever “it” is… 10,000 Reasons has plenty of it.

Some highlights of the album:

We Are the Free: A super fun song with some great group-vocal “whoa” moments and quite a few soaring melodies to match.

Here For You: The title track of Passion’s 2011 release with a bit of a different take.

Holy: Beautiful guitar and piano arrangement throughout… Incredible corporate song declaring God’s beauty and holiness.

10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord): My favorite track… an instant classic that will no doubt be sung in congregations throughout the world. It is reminiscent of many hymns we know and love – with a build similar to the iconic 3rd verse in Amazing Grace.

If you’re anything like me, the sing-able melody will draw you in, and the raw and honest words will hook you.

“Sing like never before, Oh my Soul, Worship Your holy name.”

Magnificent: I just love this song… the Passion crew have apparently cornered the market on “Glory of God” songs with space references (“Indescribable” and “Shine” come to mind)… you can add this to the list… The chorus is for lack of a better word… explosive.

10,000 Reasons is worth every penny. Buy it now… seriously… pre-order it if you have to, but make sure you get this CD.

-Reviewed by Joe Cameneti, Jr.

10,000 Reasons (Live) - Matt Redman


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