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4 Questions with Dave Fitzgerald

4 Questions with Dave Fitzgerald

By Admin on May 24, 2012

This is the first of our new series of posts called "4 Questions". It's a quick 4 question interview with the artists that are on the All About Worship Collective 3 - a free compilation of corporate worship song.

AAW: Tell us the story behind the song "Shine / We Wait".

Dave: Co-wrote with Chris McClarney. There really is no super creative story or awesome stream of events that brought it together. One day we were writing and it just happened.

AAW: What is your favorite instrument and why?

Dave: Piano. It’s what I learned music on and it triggers SO many positive memories.

AAW: What is your favorite scripture related to worship?

Dave: Psalm 5:12 is my favorite scripture of all time. “ You, O Lord surround the righteous with favor as a shield.”

When we walk in the promise of knowing that we are all counted righteous as sons & daughters by the Creator of the Universe and His favor surrounds us like an un-penetrable shield, it’s an awesome “life-revalation” that spills over into worship and music and songwriting.

AAW: If you could say one thing to every worship leader in the world before they get up to lead worship this weekend, what would it be?

Dave: Don’t always get “all serious” and melancholic walking out onto the stage. It should be fun, funny and a blast to lead worship! It’s such a bummer watching worship leaders walk into places with scowls and stolid looks on their faces, like they’re walking into deliver a jury verdict. We should be laughing and preparing for a massively fun time when leading worship.


Dave Fitzgerald is a worship leader and songwriter, published through Kingsway. Dave's song "Shine / We Wait" is featured on the AAW Collective 3. Be sure to check out his latest album, Hope of Heaven, recorded live at Bethel Church in Redding, featuring Jesus Culture, Brian and Jenn Johnson, and others.

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