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4 Questions with Joshua Seller (@joshuaseller)

4 Questions with Joshua Seller (@joshuaseller)

By Admin on July 05, 2012

This is a part of our new series of posts called “4 Questions”. It’s a quick 4 question interview with the artists that are on the All About Worship Collective 3 – a free compilation of corporate worship song.

AAW: Tell us the story behind the song “Belongs to You"

Joshua: "Belongs To You" was birthed out of a songwriting time in my studio where I was just playing with some sounds and beats and began to sing the chorus melody. After about 4-5 revisions to it I finally felt that there was something there to sing. I showed it to one of our worship leaders, Melody Francis, who sings on the recording and she loved it.

I still didn't have a bridge for it and felt it needed something so I began thinking on the idea of God actually listening to his church sing and worship, calling on him to answer and move in the ways they ask. The word "beckon" was always a word I heard used in the phrase "at your beckon call" but when I looked it up I actually found the definition to say "Make a gesture with the hand, arm, or head to encourage someone to come nearer" , the picture in my mind of worshipers singing out, lifting hands, bowing heads in such a way that actually brought down the presence of God in a powerful way was something that struck me in a fresh way.

When we introduced it to the church it just became a song people wanted to sing and we've been singing it ever since. The desire in this song is to present Christ and His works, then to recognize the joy and satisfaction found in Him alone and then offer back to Him all that is already His through the devotion and passion in our lives.

AAW: What is your favorite instrument and why?

Joshua: I've always loved the piano but can't play it outside of the key of C or G. I'm waiting for a capo made for the keytar before leading from it ; )

AAW: What is your favorite scripture related to worship?

Joshua: John 4:24 has always been the center of my heart when it comes to worship. It says, God is spirit, and those who worship him must worship in spirit and truth.

It's been said many times that worship isn't just music, right, but a lot of times we use music to worship the Lord. What directs those songs though, sermons, doctrine, life experiences are all used to shape our view of God and enlarge our worship. We say a lot in our worship ministry that churches with all spirit will blow up, churches with all truth will dry up but the church that embraces both spirit and truth will grow up. At the end of the day it's about God's glory and our sanctification and my heart would be that we are growing up in our view of God and our approach to worship.

AAW: If you could say one thing to every worship leader in the world before they get up to lead worship this weekend, what would it be?

 Joshua: I think the one thing Jesus is teaching me through leading worship musically is that it comes with great privilege. I often wonder why someone like me gets to watch people connect with God and witness time after time His love come down on people's lives, including my own. How the Spirit of God moves and works is a mystery but it is a joy to watch and know He uses simple men and women to manifest His presence.

Knowing that gives me a great conviction to lead well. If leading worship is a privilege and not a right, then I need to come prepared. Every word that comes out of a worship leader's mouth is leading someone to something, so make every word count. From the call to worship, to the prayers, to the transitions between the songs. My heart would be we don't fly by the seat of our pants but seek the Lord's leading before we are in the seat of leading ourselves.

Often times I take the songs I've prepared for the weekend and work through my opening call to worship, I will write out and craft a prayer that will lead people deeper in both love and knowledge of the Lord. Two things I'm not doing is this:

1) I'm not manufacturing a worship set prior to Sunday.

2) I'm not not listening or leaning in the moving of the Spirit in my life before I bring the songs and prayers before the peoples.

I'm looking to go there (God's presence) before I ask other people to go there. If what I experience on Sunday comes from a natural and consistent experience Monday to Saturday, then I believe my heart will be more prepared and ready to hear from the Lord. Not easy all the times to do but it's the one thing I believe the most in!

Joshua Seller is a worship leader/songwriter and serves as Director of Worship at Harvest Bible Chapel in Ontario, Canada.

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