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5 Truths About Alone Time With God

5 Truths About Alone Time With God

By Admin on December 05, 2014

As leaders, we cannot overlook the importance of having time set aside in our schedules to pray and meet with God alone. If you've been in leadership long enough, you probably can see the difference that a time alone with God has on the way you lead and interact with people. It is in the secret place that God refines us, trains us, and speaks to us. (Click to tweet) We must make time with Him our first priority. 

In this article from theworshipcommunity.com, pastor and worship leader, Steve Hutto, shares 5 truths that he has learned about having alone time with God from Jesus' example in Luke 5:16. 

"But Jesus Himself would often slip away to the wilderness and pray." (Luke 5:16)

The first point Steve Hutto derives from the verse is that we must meet often with God. He explains,

"Jesus met often with God. In the same way, spending time with Him should be the highest priority for the follower of Christ. 

The fruit of priority is consistency. If meeting with God is a priority, then one will meet with God on a consistent basis or often...We need time alone with Him daily. As God’s mercies are new each day, taking the time to acknowledge such can be quite encouraging.

Remember, if you struggle with consistency in your quiet time, perhaps you need to move the principle of alone time with God to the highest priority. Consistency will be born out of priority. It was obvious Jesus held alone time with the Father the highest priority. This resulted in Him often slipping away to pray. Often is very good!"

He goes on to the second point: We must be alone with God. He says,

"Jesus had to be alone with His Father. The word wilderness in the above scripture is also translated as a lonely place. This means Jesus would seek out a place where no one else would be, except His Father. Since God’s Spirit is everywhere all Jesus needed was a place in which no other human being was. With literally thousands following Him this was a challenge. But He did it."

 Read the rest of Steve's "5 truths" here.

 Image courtesy of ShiftWorship.com

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