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5 Ways To Nail Your Worship Team Audition

5 Ways To Nail Your Worship Team Audition

By Jason Houtsma on March 04, 2015

So you’ve been practicing for a while and you think you’re ready to join the worship team at church. Here are 5 tips to help you make the team on audition day.

Come prepared.  There’s no harm in asking for the songs you’ll be auditioning with in advance. Even if you don’t know what you’ll be playing, be familiar with the songs you do most often at church. Your familiarity with the song catalogue is an asset to the team.

Be still.  Amateurs noodle around and bust out their favorite show-off riffs in between songs. Pro’s just sit quietly and wait for the song to start. Being still shows self-discipline and the confidence that your playing in the song will be more than enough to prove your skill.

Ask questions and be a good listener. Your leader may want you to play the part exactly as is or they may want you to show some creativity. Ask which they prefer and then do that. Just asking the question shows your willingness to learn and that’s a quality any worship leader will love.

Be a servant.  Help set up and tear down. Be willing to help out the sound engineer. Offer to play in less upfront roles. Your motives are suspect if you only show up when the lights are on.

Have an open heart.  If you make the team, great!  If not, it’s okay. Your value doesn’t lie in a worship team position. Ask your worship leader what you can do better and get back to work.


Remember that being a worship leader is a servant role. If you keep your heart in the right place and are willing to work hard, you’ve already got what it takes.

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Jason Houtsma

Jason Houtsma (Guest Writer)

Husband, Dad, Songwriter, Worship Leader, Guitar Instructor for WorshipArtistry.com and Seattle Seahawks fan.