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5 Ways to Own Your Time & Not Let It Get the Best of You

5 Ways to Own Your Time & Not Let It Get the Best of You

By Rob Rash on February 13, 2012

One thing my kids have taught me as I've gotten older, is that time only speeds up. I remember as a kid, days that seemed to last for weeks.

Now as a parent and pastor (and I'll use the term 'young adult' sparingly) I'd kill to have an extra hour somewhere. Time flies by and if you are not careful, it can get away from you real quick.

Time management isn't something that comes easily or naturally for me. And for most creatives, artists, and left brain people we have a hard enough time remembering what day it is, not to mention, how to manage our time.

If you aren't the best at managing your time throughout the day or week, let me offer a few suggestions to get you started.

5 Ways to Own Your Time & Not Let Your Time Own You:

1. Be the Early Bird - One of the best ways to start controlling your time is by starting early. If you have to, get to bed a bit earlier. By starting your day in the wee hours, you can set the tone, get centered, and think clearly...before the distractions start pouring in.

2. Schedule Everything - Write down everything that you have to get done. Everything from meetings to study time to menial tasks. Once this is done, put them on the calendar and give them a priority. Next, assign them to the appropriate days and times you'll work on them, and get to work.

3. Plan Ahead - Get out your calendar and start looking ahead. You can either start with the day at hand and move through the week up to the next month, or you can reverse it. But looking at your calendar in a broader perspective will help you see what needs to be done and what meetings you have scheduled.

4. Avoid Interruptions - Easier said than done right? Wrong. When you really need to focus and get things done, turn off your phone, close out of your email, and logout of Facebook. Tell your secretary, receptionist, or whoever you need to, to hold your calls. Let them know you are unavailable.

5. Use a Task Management App - I love going analog (written journal, etc) but cross platform apps are a extremely helpful. There are a many to pick from but I personally use Wunderlist, Evernote, and Reminders with iCal. You can set up lists, tasks, dates, priorities, etc. These are great for checking things off your list and help keep you on task.

You simply cannot afford to be unorganized. Time is a huge resource that you must master or it will master you. Hopefully, by following a few of these suggestions, you can start controlling your time and take your productivity to a whole new level.

What is your biggest struggle with time management?

Rob Rash is a worship leader and blogger currently finishing his first e-book on leading fantastic worship rehearsals. You can follow him on twitter (@robrash) or check out his blog on worship (robrash.us).

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