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7 Habits of Successful Worship Leaders

7 Habits of Successful Worship Leaders

By Julie Terwilliger on February 27, 2013

What sets an average worship leader apart from a great worship leader?  

There are so many worship leaders that I know and have worked with over the years, but a few have stood out as great leaders.

The distinction was simple; some habits that they regularly practiced:

1. Care more about the people than the music.

  • Care more for the team than the team’s performance.
  • Care more for the people you are leading than how you lead.

2. Take a back seat

  • Not just once a month or 1 song a service either, great WL’s don’t just have ‘back up singers’, they surround themselves with other worship leaders on the platform.

3. Be ye amongst the peeps!

  • Go out and socialize before & after your worship gatherings, we are not un-touchable rockstars so don’t seclude yourself in the greenroom. Even many well known worship leaders make themselves accessible.

4. Worship often

  • Take time to go to other nights of worship, take a weekend off and go to the worship service with your family.  Worship at home, in your car, on the street...everywhere.

5. Grow yourself

  • Never stop learning.  Never ‘arrive’.

6. Grow others

  • Always pour into others just as you have been poured into.

7. Practice practice practice His presence

  • Be in His presence daily.  You cannot lead someone where you have not been. Your love for Jesus should be so contagious that you never have to pick up a guitar to prove that you are a worshiper.

What do YOU think makes a great worship leader? Share your thoughts in the comment section!

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Julie Terwilliger

Julie Terwilliger

Julie is a business owner, designer, worship leader, and iPhoneographer. She loves Jesus, elevating others, laughing & living life to the fullest with her husband & son in Michigan.