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8 Modern Worship Culture Idols (and how to fight them)

8 Modern Worship Culture Idols (and how to fight them)

By Admin on April 19, 2015

In this article, David Santistevan highlights 8 modern worship culture idols and how to fight them. David says, "Our worship culture has many idols. I have to be on guard every single day. I have to fight with everything inside of me to keep my heart fixed on what matters."

A few of the worship culture idols David lists are:

1. Compliments – Isn’t it sad that our hearts can be more set on what people think of us rather than what God says? Compliments can become such an idol. We stress and we strive to get positive feedback from people. The more we get it, the more addicted we are. When we don’t get it, we’re completely derailed.

2. Excellence – Excellence is a good thing, right? Sure it is…in its proper context of serving people in their pursuit of God. But excellence can also be an idol when we strive for it because it makes us look good.

3. Fame – Of course, we don’t have to wrestle with the kinds of fame issues that Chris Tomlin deals with. But fame is fame nonetheless, whether it’s global or local. The local church isn’t our stage and its congregants our fan club. We lead worship to serve people and to make the name of Jesus known.

To read the rest of David's list and his tips on how to combat them click here.

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