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A Letter from Ben Abu Saada

A Letter from Ben Abu Saada

By Wisdom Moon on June 27, 2014

If you've been a part of the All About Worship community for a while, you know the name Ben Abu Saada. He's a very good friend of mine and dearly loved by our podcast listeners. He joined me in 2008, just two years after I launched All About Worship. We've recorded many episodes together and he's been a huge blessing and supporter of All About Worship, and me personally. As I've explained on the past several podcasts, Ben has not been able to podcast with me for the past few months due to our schedules not working out. 

Today, we officially say goodbye to Ben as a part of the All About Worship team...but never as a good friend. He has gradually had to cut back on his commitments with AAW due to his commitments at church, his full-time calling. We wanted to take this opportunity to let everyone know publicly of the changes.

Thank you Ben, my brother/homie, for the time and energy you've poured into helping make AAW what it is today! I truly appreciate your friendship and I know we will be lifelong friends! And, I know we'll have you back on the podcast as a guest in the future!!

Below is a letter from Ben himself:

In 2008 Wisdom Moon and I met for lunch and discovered we both had similar passions.  We both loved worship ministry, encouraging worship leaders and podcasting. Together we forged a friendship and assembled a podcast that would begin to reach worship leaders around the world. It wasn't conversing with "famous" artists and acts that drove Wisdom to pursue his vision of creating a website and podcast that would be considered influential to worship leaders everywhere...but it was the idea of encouraging the lone worship ministry volunteer who felt discouraged, who felt nobody in their church leadership quite understood the struggles it took to assemble a worship service that could impact their community for Christ. We would envision the worship leader who was in a third world nation trying to just simply lead their local gathering of believers in worship.  It was this vision and passion that convinced me to be a part of All About Worship.

For those of you who have been listening to the show, you probably noticed I've been absent since Fall 2013. With life changes for Wisdom (all very good things), his ability to maintain the All About Worship website and podcast afforded him the chance to accomplish much during daytime hours. This was AWESOME for Wisdom and for All About Worship! This was something we both had been praying for he and his family for years. Unfortunately, it led to me being unable to keep up with the work which would take time away from the office here at Grace Church to meet up and record. If you listened to us, you knew we typically recorded in off hours when all our kids were in bed and we were free to meet up. Honestly it'd been some time that I had really been able to invest in All About Worship at the same level I had when we initially began together. It was time to let go and let Wisdom take it to the next level. 

Recently, Wisdom announced his upcoming move to Nashville and the growth of All About Worship continues to amaze me! I say I'm amazed...but truly not surprised. My friend has worked his tail off to make sure it continues to grow. I've seen him almost give it up...I've seen him try and pass it to me...but truly there is no better person to carry this torch than Wisdom himself. I've closed this chapter in my life and sincerely wish continued success in ministering to worship leaders and worship ministry people around the globe. I'm so excited to see where the Lord continues to use Wisdom and this ministry! 

So to all my friends who have listened to us as a dynamic duo...THANK YOU. I will miss podcasting with my buddy...and I will miss allowing him to harrass me about my liking of Star Wars (that's right I said allowed him)...but I will most of all miss the friendship and relationship we forged in encouraging worship leaders everywhere. Thanks Wisdom for allowing me to be a part of the ride for those five years. I've said it to you personally and I'll say it publically...I couldn't be prouder of seeing how you've grown since 2008 as a leader, podcaster and most importantly...lover of Christ. Much love from your podcasting brotha from anotha motha!

Don't forget people! This weekend... take your church to the throne!

Bonus: To hear a sample of the fun we had together, here's a podcast called "All About Nothing" in which Wisdom harrases me about my Star Wars fandom. I don't know that it ever reached anywhere other than Soundcloud (probably a good thing!). These are some of the things I will miss with my podcast buddy.  All About Nothing Episode 3

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Wisdom Moon

Wisdom Moon

Wisdom is a husband, father, worship leader, songwriter, and Founder/CEO of All About Worship. He was born in South Korea, but spent most of his life in Silicon Valley (California), and currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and three kids. Wisdom has been involved in worship ministry for over 20 years. For more about Wisdom, visit WisdomMoon.com