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A New Monthly Songwriting Challenge for 2012!

By Admin on December 27, 2011

Those of you who have been a part of this online community know that January of this year (2011) we launched a new resource called The Songwriter's Cafe. TSC includes a monthly podcast featuring interviews with various songwriters, tools and inspiration shared through social media, and a monthly songwriting challenge!

In 2011 we challenged each other to write at least one song per month. I hope this challenge helped you write more regularly and grow in your discipline of songwriting. Most of us probably didn't reach the goal of writing one song every month, but most likely wrote more songs than if we did not participate in this challenge.

In 2012, starting in January, we have a new challenge for you! Here it is:

Write one song a month 1. with someone else (co-write) and/or 2. on a topic or a phrase we announce

1. Our online songwriting community is all about encouraging each other on this journey as we all grow and learn from each other. One of the great ways we can really grow as songwriters is to co-write with others. So, we encourage you to do that as much as you can in 2012. Whether it be in person with a friend or online via Skype or FaceTime with someone in our online community (or whoever else it may be).

2. Another way we can challenge ourselves in songwriting is to write on a certain topic OR write a song that contains a certain line that's given to us. Every month we'll give you a topic or line. We'll announce it in our online community as well as Twitter & Facebook. It will be a lot of fun to share, in our private online community, the songs that we end up with using that topic or line.

If you'd like to participate in our monthly songwriting challenge, all you have to do is become a Plus Member. Signing up is easy and you'll have access to our private site where you'll be able to post your song each month and receive feedback from others in the community. You'll also have access to worship leading/songwriting training videos by folks like Jared Anderson, Chris McClarney, Matthew Reed, Sarah Reeves, and others.

Check out the Songwriting Challenge Guide 2011 HERE

We are very excited about this new monthly songwriting challenge and we hope you'll join us! Let the songwriting begin!

-Wisdom Moon

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