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Aaron Keyes, Not Guilty Anymore - CD Review (and Giveaways)

By Mandy Thompson on August 21, 2010

A review by Mandy Thompson

Aaron is a worship leader at heart. He brings to the church songs that are singable, inspiring, and truth-filled. His lyrics are accessible, clear and simple. No need to for interpretation, we know exactly what his songs are about. We know the message and how we are to respond to the words.

He asks important questions like: "Who will cry out, unashamed, 'He is glorious?'" "When will our faith be a burden no more? When will I not have to hope anymore?" And beautifully brings God's words to us: " Doesn’t matter where you’ve been, Hear me tell you I forgive." "Not what my hands have done can save my guilty soul." This album carries both a modern hymn, and a pop-rock praise song. With beautiful ballads and worshipful melodies in between.

Forever Worthy: Pretty, but with passion and power. Singable and accessible for the local church.

Psalm 62: Sung like a modern hymn, poetic, lyrical, beautiful. With an elegant and inspiring rise in the Chorus.

Blessing and Honour: I've always appreciated Aaron's studied approach to worship leading. His knowledge is evident in this song, as it recounts the various names of God found in scripture, holding the heart behind these names in the chorus: blessing and honor, glory and power, be unto your name oh Lord.

I Am Yours: This song is a challenge to the Body of Christ - a challenge for us to stand up and declare that we are His. It's a call to devotion. To speak up on God's behalf in our lives.

Like Jesus: I can hear this song filling youth bands across the country. Rocking, fast, with power chords and steady beats, and a simple catchy message.

Not Guilty Anymore: This song soothes the weary soul. It brings a refreshing element of grace and love, through poetic lyrics and a solid melody.

Nothing Less Than Beautiful: "Even in tears, You're always good to us." Wow. What a song. Simple. Clear. This is a song of faith that runs deep. Much deeper than we realize. The lyrics are short, repeated, and will quickly be written on the heart of the hearer.

Help Me Lord: The tonal makeup of this song is unique. The instruments used to create the accompaniment feel reflective and pensive. There's a waiting for God to come - to help us to trust Him.

Where Are You Now: This song offers a beautiful melody in the midst of pain, offering worshipers a moment to ask questions that we don't often ask in worship songs. I've wanted a song like this in church - and I know others will be relieved that we finally have one.

Not What My Hands: Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. I'm not sure what it is that draws me into the melody of this song, but I love it. And the message of the song is that we can't fix ourselves. "Not what my hands have done can save my guilty soul."

You Never Cease to Amaze Me: We don't sing songs like this - that sound like this - mysterious and rocking, all at the same time. I love how this song has been pulled together - the verse and chorus work together in a fantastic pop-rock way, but it's still singable and catchy. Congregations will love this, and bands will have a blast playing it.

CLICK HERE to check out Aaron's music on iTunes. The album release date is Aug. 24.


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