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By Dustin Smith on June 05, 2018

I have always been a person who enjoys sports.  I grew up in northern Indiana, which is 30 minutes from Chicago, so we gave ourselves the right to root for a team from Chicago or one from Indiana.  Because of that my favorite teams were the Bulls, the Colts, and the Cubs. To me Michael Jordan is the GOAT, Peyton Manning is one of the GOAT and the Cubs, well until last year they were the lovable losers.  I know I just lost some of you because you would completely disagree with my selection of teams and players. Some of you would quote statistics and others would just spout opinions but we would probably end up agreeing to disagree.

I have a couple hats and jerseys of my favorite teams that I love to wear around town knowing that guys are going to let me know of their approval and sometimes disapproval of my choice of team.  If I’m wearing a certain team's apparel the guys assume that is where my allegiance lies.

To a certain extent, worship can work similar to a jersey.  When we worship we are making an outward declaration of where our loyalty lies. The world is watching us in times of stress, trials and difficult situations to know who has our allegiance.  Have you ever heard anyone ask the question, “How can you still believe in God with all the bad stuff that has happened to you?” The reason they ask that question is that most people change allegiances whenever things don’t go their way.  They like to treat God as a genie and if He does not pop out and answer their wishes then they will go find someone who will obey their commands. Worship indicates that you believe God is who he says He is no matter what the situation says about Him.  

This does not mean that everyone who sings a song or says something good about God has given Him their allegiance.  God is wanting you to do more than just wear the jersey, He wants you in the game. When Jesus came on the scene and ran into the Pharisees, he basically called them out as guys who were wearing the jerseys but they were all talk and no action.

“These people make a big show of saying the right thing, but their heart isn’t in it. They act like they’re worshiping me, but they don’t mean it. They just use me as a cover for teaching whatever suits their fancy.” Matthew 15:9 (MSG)

You know the type of person Jesus is talking about... the one who wears the jersey and is constantly using language like “we” lost the game and “we” need to step it up next game.  They make it sound like they were actually out on the field and had something to do with the final outcome of the game. They wear the jersey, slap on a hat and let everyone know where their allegiance lies but in the end, they are just an armchair quarterback.  They know the players, the stats and all the language but they have never been out on the field.

Let's not be that type of person.  No more armchair worshipers trying to act like we are in the game but we are just going through the motions with no heart.  True worship reveals an allegiance when you backup your words with actions. I refuse to be a person who sings about heaven on Sunday but lives like hell on Monday.  I want to live a life of worship that screams to those around me that my allegiance is to Jesus and I will never change my mind.

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Dustin Smith

Dustin Smith

Dustin leads a collective called Here Be Lions.  He is an artist, songwriter and worship leader, who has a desire to see the nations ignited with a passion for worship. With an unyielding love for God and His people, Dustin has been able to cross denominational lines with his music. He has an attitude that gives God all the glory, and that attitude transcends age, race, color and creed.