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Amber Rhoads - Broken Beautiful [Review]

Amber Rhoads - Broken Beautiful [Review]

By Matt Neff on October 18, 2013

Broken Beautiful is the debut release from worship leader and songwriter Amber Rhoads. The EP contains six tracks that are filled with an honest and encouraging approach to life, faith and our purpose in this life.

“Better Days” speaks of trying to live life in your own strength. “You tell yourself you’ve got this on your own, but freedom comes with giving up control.” “Without You” talks of the sacrifice Jesus made so that we’d never have to be without Him in this life or the next. “More To Life” asks the question if there is more to life than just our own lives, needs and wants. It challenges us to look up to see a world that is loved by God and needs to be shown that same love that we have received as believers.

Broken Beautiful has some refreshingly different approaches to arrangement and music as well. “Where You Lead” begins with a folky duet featuring a great melody and harmonies to compliment it. It’s a nice, original change to the sound that you may be used to. “To Whom We Belong” has all the makings of a modern day hymn. It slowly builds into a triumphant cadence that announces the greatness and faithfulness of God. “We will not fear for Your light breaks the darkness, our hope is in You alone, we know to Whom we belong.”

Broken Beautiful has great sound quality and has been mastered very well. There are nice touches vocally and musically throughout, with catchy melodies, excellent guitar work, and awesome piano just to name a few. That being said, this is a solid EP from Amber that will encourage and inspire you on your walk with God.

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