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An Open Letter From Worship Leaders to Pastors

An Open Letter From Worship Leaders to Pastors

By Admin on October 03, 2016

Dear Pastor, 

You encourage me.
You also challenge me to my very core.

You’re always looking to help me improve.
Though, sometimes I act like that’s not necessary or possible.

I don’t always feel like you get me.
But then again, sometimes I think you do more than I understand

You’ve honored me by letting me lead your people.
You give me an opportunity to use God’s gifts in me.
I don’t always take that as seriously as I should, but I am thankful. 

I’ve sung off key and messed up many a song,
But you haven’t given up on me.

You haven’t fired me,
Haven’t replaced me with a machine,
Even though you’ve probably thought about it.

You’re my boss and my pastor, which at times is challenging.
But this is something that God has called us to do together.
I’m not saying that it’s easy, but I believe that it’s worth it. 

No matter what has been behind us, or what lies ahead,
I want to take a moment and say that I am thankful for you. 

I appreciate you Pastor!
Your worship leader

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