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Approaching Sunday Differently

Approaching Sunday Differently

By Brandon Edwards on November 06, 2014

As a worship leader my mind can be pretty preoccupied on Sunday Mornings. Thoughts crowd my mind, “Will I remember this break between songs? What key am I modulating to for song 3? Will singers remember to come in here?” I find myself constantly entertaining these questions in my head. Does this sound familiar to any other Worship Leaders out there? I know I don’t stand alone. 


As worship leaders we all want to do a great job leading our individual churches during the music portion of our gatherings. I believe an absolute necessity to leading our churches well is to be prepared musically and vocally! If we are not prepared, we are doing our church and ultimately The Church a disservice. I tell my team every week to try their best to have their music memorized because I know the hardest part about leading worship isn’t the musical aspect. The hardest part about leading worship is our heart and mind focus.

If we are constantly wondering if we’re singing the right notes, playing the right chords, or playing the right melodic line then we are missing opportunities to lead our Church by being distracted by less important things! This is why I believe that adequate preparation and rehearsal time are of the utmost importance. When we prepare, singing the correct notes, or playing the correct chords and melodic lines becomes second nature. When we are prepared musically, and our hearts and mind our focused on the One who gave it all for us, then we are prepared to lead The Church.

Sunday is Approaching

Lately, I have been trying to approach Sunday mornings a little differently. I think a worthy question to ask ourselves when we gather as The Church is, “What are we doing?” Something I believe the Lord Jesus is leading me to is the idea that we as The Church gather together because we must celebrate what God has done for us through the death and resurrection of His Son Jesus Christ! We gather as The Church because we have one thing in common, a rock solid reliance on Jesus Christ as our Lord and Savior! So we gather together with friends in the faith to celebrate what God has accomplished for us and for the entire world!

When we approach our gatherings as The Church as a celebration among friends, the pressure of “performing” or being on our “A Game” slowly vanishes. I am not saying excellence shouldn’t be strived for in our music. I’m saying that if adequate preparation and rehearsal happen beforehand, then we will be less distracted by what we are supposed to be playing and singing and able to concentrate on The Celebration!

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Brandon Edwards

Brandon Edwards

Brandon seeks to facilitate an environment where Christ-followers are encouraged to passionately worship the Lord Jesus Christ! He currently serves as the Worship Pastor at First Baptist Church Newton, Kansas.