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Babusaada Says "Make Some White Space"

By Ben Abu Saada on May 21, 2009

Here's a great post by Ben for all of us:

It happens.  It catches many of us off guard if we aren't aware of it.  Fatigue and burnout are the greatest enemies to anyone involved in doing something they enjoy. You may be saying, "Really Ben, the GREATEST enemy?" When we become fatigued, our guard is down.  We begin to lose focus on why we invest in the mission we're called to and we begin finding ourselves in situations that ultimately lead to sin.  We also begin to experience problems in our relationships with the people we love the most.  Recently I made a decision to create that "White Space" in my life weekly in order to protect my family, myself and the ministry God's called me to lead.

Since this is a series devoted to "Worship Leading Lessons", these thoughts are specific to the role of worship leaders and team members.  But in reality, this is a principle I believe everyone needs in order to strengthen their walk with Christ.


In the role of helping connect people to Christ through corporate worship each week, I've discovered that it's extremely important that I spend personal time worshiping God.  Carving away an hour completely devoted to reflecting on what God's been doing in my life personally and in ministry, thanking Him and silencing the noise around me to give complete attention to personal reflection.  A tip I picked up from a fellow worship leader (can't remember where I got this from so consider this an anonymous Hat Tip if you're reading this).  I spend time with my journal devoted to asking these four questions:

  • What have been the high points of my week? (personal, ministry, job etc.)
  • What have been the low points of my week? (stresses, frustrations etc)
  • What is one lesson learned this week? (from scripture, leadership, family etc.)
  • What is one action point to take from this week? (conversations, resolution to conflicts etc)

Head over to Ben's blog to read the rest.

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Ben Abu Saada

Ben Abu Saada

Ben has been a part of the All About Worship team since Fall of 2008. He serves as Worship Pastor at Grace Church in Overland Park, KS. Ben also serves as a part of his parents humanitarian organization to the West Bank called Seeds of Hope. He and his wife Addie live in Olathe, KS with their three daughters. Ben requests prayer for the teenage years quickly approaching.