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Beth Croft - Rule in My Heart [Review]

Beth Croft - Rule in My Heart [Review]

By Jolie Ozbun on August 12, 2014

The heat can be quite brutal here in sunny Florida during the summer, and there's nothing like an icy, cold drink of water to quench the thirst. Just like our thirst for a refreshing beverage, we need to have the same unquenchable thirst for our God through worship.

Psalm 42 says, "As the deer pants for streams of water, so my soul pants for you God." Are you ready to be refreshed? Then Beth Croft's new album, Rule In My Heart, may be the drink of water you need, offering a spirit-filled message of God's grace and restoration through repentance and surrender to Him.

Beth Croft started leading worship when she was 18, and her music has been widely accepted as part of Britain's Soul Survivor. You may recognize Beth for her powerful rendition of "Cornerstone" from The Flood album released in 2012. Now, she pours her heart out in the album's title track, Rule In My Heart. This song has a great message with powerful lyrics, penned by Beth herself, of complete surrender. She asks God to "come and take [His] rightful place" --on the throne of her heart.

In addition, "Purify" could serve as a great alter call song, leaving the listener with a heartfelt renewal from doubt. "Hold On" is a song of great conviction, as believers are called to reclaim the promise of God's grace on the cross.  

In her debut album, Beth's soothing and melodious voice really shines through, adding to the overall worshipful tone of the project. Although, in "Boldly I Approach", I felt her heartfelt conviction behind the song could have come through a little stronger, as, it message really pushes the overall theme of the album. 

The production quality of the album was done fairly well, but the song "Lectio Devina", in the electronica vain, I felt was the odd song out in this particular album. I did, however, enjoy the raw instrumental mixes and upfront vocals of "Arms Of Grace", "Purify" and "Hold On".  

Beth Croft has delivered the message of God's unfailing grace in a compelling way that brings the believer back to a place of true worship.

When a worship album speaks right into the center of the heart, and brings it's listener closer to God, then the message has successfully been delivered, and she has definitely done that. As in her song "Kingdom Come," she sings, "we won't stop until we see the lame rise to their feet," may our unquenchable thirst after God never be satisfied until we reach His throne of glory.   

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Jolie Ozbun

Jolie Ozbun

Jolie has served in the church most of her life performing in worship teams, at church retreats and conferences. She has also served as a youth Sunday school teacher and a children's/youth choir leader.  She has ministered outside the church for Save-A-Life as a music leader and counselor, and has performed for nursing homes, shelters, and other churches. She earned her degree in English with a minor in music from Bob Jones University. Currently, she works as an adult reading teacher, and spends her spare time singing, songwriting, playing guitar, and enjoying family. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband Greg and their three children.