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Bethel Music, Without Words - Review

Bethel Music, Without Words - Review

By Mathew Reames on March 08, 2013

Bethel Music just released a new project entitled Without Words; an instrumental album where they rearrange popular songs from previous albums and replace the lyrics and main melody with new instruments. It is a very unique and creative project.

This is not an album that will be used regularly in your church community, but instead an album for prayer times and meditation. However, some of these arrangements would be great for pre-service music, transitional tunes, and ministry music.

There are a few songs on here that I think were just fantastic arrangements. The musicality and creativity of Bethel Music really shines on this album. I love the opening of the album - “What Does It Sound Like;” which maintains the feel of the original song but has brilliant ebb and flow that just soars. I also love the arrangement on “For The Sake of the World.” There is the inclusion of trumpet which just adds a new feel for the Bethel crowd.

The song “Worthy is The Lamb”  is a nice change of pace, because it includes vocals, but not in the traditional sense of lyrics and singers, but rather a chorus simply humming and throwing in some classic ethereal ‘oohs.’

The key of this album is that it’s meant for personal prayer and meditation. It is not designed for you to jump around or sing along. It isn’t designed to be something you are going to use in your Sunday mornings. It is something that you turn on when you want to close the door and pray, or sit and study the word of God.

Each song on this album is excellent and it is hard to highlight the best out of the ten songs on the album. It is such a radically different concept that isn’t done too often, but it is an excellent album that you will enjoy in your personal collection.

Disclosure: A copy of this album was provided by the record label or artist for review purposes. The iTunes widget above is part of a third-party affiliate program.

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Mathew Reames

Mathew Reames

Mathew is a missionary and a worship leader serving the global body of Christ through worship training, biblical teaching, and evangelism. He resides in Lawrence, KS and Serves at Eagle Rock Church when not on the mission field.