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Free Song of The Month: Chosen Generation

By Admin on June 02, 2009

This month we are kicking off a new addition to the podcast: Free Song of The Month. The first Wednesday of every month we will be giving away one worship song. Just another great reason to be subscribed to our podcast. One free stand-alone song per month.

If you would like to submit your song, visit the All About Worship Network for the details (see under blog).


Here's the free song for this month:


Chosen Generation by 6:22 Ministries

written by Matthew Lilley

We had not been your people

But You made us your own

We had not obtained mercy

But You gave us Your son

And You say

“You are a chosen generation

You are a royal priesthood

You are a holy nation

And I’ve called you out of darkness and into the light”

We were lost but You found us

We were sinful and alone

But You have called us, made us precious

We become living stones

And we say

We are a chosen generation

We are a royal priesthood

We are a holy nation

And You’ve called us out of darkness and into the light

You have become the Cornerstone

The Rock on which I fall

You have become the Cornerstone

All Your suffering was worth it all

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