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Can The Saints Worship Like Angels?

Can The Saints Worship Like Angels?

By Steve Rice on March 04, 2014

In a vision, Isaiah caught a glimpse of true worship.  He saw the Lord lifted high on His throne, with His glory filling the temple.  Around the throne, Isaiah saw massive angels, who because of God's great glory, covered their faces with their wings and cried out,

"Holy, Holy, Holy is the Lord of hosts; the whole earth is full of His glory." - Isaiah 6:3  (KJV)

These mighty angels are not merely singing a song.  They are shouting!  Shouting to one another in response to what they see!   In fact, their shouts are so loud that the posts of the door shake!  They are experiencing a perpetual revelation of God's power and wisdom and greatness!  They can do nothing but shout and worship! *

It’s not often that we shout to one another in church these days.  I’d say it’s more likely that we’ll see hands in pockets and eyes wandering during worship.  Oh to have the kind of passion, the kind of fresh revelation, that these angels have!

I’m reminded that when Jesus was headed back to the Father, he said it was to our advantage that he go, because then the Holy Spirit could come (John 16:7). He said the Holy Spirit would teach us all things and remind us of the things Jesus spoke (John 14:26).  So when we fall into “routine worship” that lacks the zeal and passion God deserves, it may be because we're not spending enough personal time with whom we might call, the “Revealer and Reminder of Truth" - the Holy Spirit - who teaches and reminds us of God’s goodness, love and faithfulness toward us, His greatness, His power, His holiness, and more.

Several months ago, I invited 12 songwriters (including Jared Anderson [writer of “Great I Am”], Mia Fieldes [Hillsong], Michael Farren [writer of “Let It Rain”], Henry Seeley [Planet Shakers], Anthony Skinner [writer of “Your Love Never Fails”], and others) to join me for our first ever CentricWorship retreat, in the beautiful Methow Valley of Winthrop, Washington.  It was to be a week of worship, new friendships and songwriting.  The idea was to break the routine, clear the schedule, and press into the Holy Spirit, asking forgiveness for our forgetfulness, and praying He would bring to our rememberance the glorious truths of God. Our retreat was filled with both tears and laughter as we dug into the Word of God each day and spent time in the presence of our Lord.  By the end of the week, we had written 18 new songs and recorded 21 during our morning and evening worship times!   

As I launch a new label this month called, CentricWorship, our first offering is an EP from that retreat in the mountains called, ALL THE SAINTS: Live from the CentricWorship Retreat - No. 1, which releases March 11th.   For me, one of the highlights of this live recording is a new rendering of the classic hymn, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY, which is entitled, ALL THE SAINTS.  The song, ALL THE SAINTS incorporates the old hymn with new chord arrangements and a powerful new bridge, written by Henry Seeley, James Tealy and Michael Farren.  My prayer is that as Churches around the world sing this new song, as well as others, we’ll find both saints and angels shouting the glories of God to one another!

Brace the doorposts!

Steve Rice, VP Centricity Publishing and CentricWorship (www.CentricWorship.com)

* inspired by the book, THE FEAR OF THE LORD by John Bevere.  

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