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Close The Gap

Close The Gap

By Jenna Grace Hamilton on December 18, 2014

I know it’s hard after a long week of prepping and practice to not run to the car and drive home to take your afternoon nap as soon as the last note is played on a Sunday morning. I’ve been there. I’ve felt the exhaustion deep in my bones and it seems to hit me the moment I walk off the stage, but there’s something so important about sticking around after church is over and talking to the people who hang around after they are dismissed.

It’s the one. The one person who walks up to share something with you. The one person who needs to be heard. The one person who needs to be prayed for. The one kid who thinks you’re the coolest and finally gets enough courage to say hello. You don’t know what that means to him or her. You don’t know what that might mean to you. You just may miss a blessing or an opportunity to bless someone else.

I have found so many times that the most rewarding part of leading a worship service wasn’t in the service at all, but in the one conversation I had after it was over. Through these moments, God keeps bringing me back to His simple commandment, “Love the Lord, and love one another.” Sometimes, it’s so simple and all I do is listen and give whomever I am speaking with my undivided attention to show them that I care and that they matter. Other times, I hear a story that makes me cry, or causes me to share a struggle or prayer request as well. This is the body of Christ in its most beautiful form.

As worship leaders, we need to make sure that the people we are leading know we care about them. We need to show them that we are aware of the Spirit in the room, and we need to speak life, hope, and love into them. We must connect with them. Don’t be afraid to interact with them. They want to know that they are noticed and cared about. Who doesn’t?

The fact is you are in a leadership position when you are on and off the platform, and people look to you as a spiritual guide. You are a shepherd. You are a pastor. Know your role and lead diligently.

I want to encourage you to try to connect with the people you are leading this week. A few easy ways are to open your eyes and look at them while you lead (in a non- awkward way), lead into a song by sharing why it means something to you, or pray from the heart and not as a transition. I can promise you, when you care people notice (and they also notice when you don’t care!).

I’ll leave you with this final thought:

Close the gap.

You know that gap between the first row of seats and the stage? We need to close that. We need to build a bridge by using the way we lead as a tool to close the gap between “us” and “them.” We need the people to know we are just like them. We have the same struggles, and we have the same questions.

We need to show them how to worship and proclaim truth in light of our circumstances whether they are good or bad. We need to build up a people of faith, and one way we can do that is by closing that gap and showing the people that we are all in this together.

We need to step off the stage and connect with those we lead. We need to build community and show love. Tell your story. Share your heart. Encourage someone. Pray for someone. God is faithful. He will amaze you if you trust Him and just take that step.

Remember, we’re all in this together so let’s close the gap.

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Jenna Grace Hamilton

Jenna Grace Hamilton

Jenna is a worship leader and songwriter from Tennessee. She enjoys using her songs and stories to tell of God's faithfulness in her own life in hopes to inspire others to trust in Jesus. She loves leading worship, riding horses, and spending time with her family in Charleston, SC.