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Coming Alive - Dustin Smith [Review]

Coming Alive - Dustin Smith [Review]

By Mathew Reames on September 22, 2014

If you have been a follower of All About Worship for any length of time, you are familiar with Dustin Smith. Dustin is a long time friend, former podcast co-host, and current advisor of All Abut Worship.

This week, Dustin releases his latest offering, Coming Alive. This twelve track album was recorded live at Dustin’s home church, World Revival in Kansas City, MO. This album is a congregational worship album to its core and it is filled with songs that will fit well into your congregation’s services.

The album begins with the title track, “Coming Alive” which is a high energy anthem. The central theme is that when God comes and breathes on us, we are awakened and we are made alive. It is a wonderful track and a great opener for a Sunday morning service.

“He’s Alive” is another great track. It’s a mid tempo that has a strong message. I mean come on, what message is better than “He’s Alive”?! It is the central theme of the entire Christian faith. This song is quite the anthem. It is a song of victory and a battle cry at the same time. While proclaiming victory it is a call to praise and to stand tall proclaiming the message of Christ. This is one that should be sung in churches. It has rich theology, and a powerful anthem. We need more songs like this in the church.

From the first listen through this album, the song that stood out was “Come Rushing In.” It is a simple song. It is more of a low key worship track, but it has solid fills and builds to keep it from being monotonous. This is a cry for the overwhelming presence of God. Truly, when you listen, you begin to feel the longing for God, and the rush of His presence which is Holy Spirit’s answer to our cries.

One track that stood out just from its title was “Eyes Like Fire.” Immediately I remembered the passage in Revelation 1 where Jesus is described as having eyes like fire. This song is another passionate worship song. It starts off light and slow, but then builds into an explosion of passion. It is a cry from the body to have the Lord look directly at us and cleanse us to His image so we can be His light in the earth. The bridge references Psalm 24, declaring, “I will live, I will dwell on the mountain, I will drink from the living fountain. I’m alive when I stand in this holy place.” This is a song that needs to be sung. With every ounce of breath in our lungs it needs to be the overflow of our praise.

Time would fail me to tell you of every great song on this album, and this review is only a sample. However, every track is worth your time, and would fit well in a church setting. Some are strong and anthemic, some are deep and passionate. All are worthy of your time. I encourage you to pick up this album on iTunes as soon as possible.

Disclosure: A copy of this album was provided by the record label or artist for review purposes. The iTunes widget above is a part of an affiliate program. If you purchase the album through the widget, a small percentage of the sale will benefit All About Worship.

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Mathew Reames

Mathew Reames

Mathew is a missionary and a worship leader serving the global body of Christ through worship training, biblical teaching, and evangelism. He resides in Lawrence, KS and Serves at Eagle Rock Church when not on the mission field.