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Copyright Q&A for April 2013

Copyright Q&A for April 2013

By Christian Copyright Solutions on April 18, 2013

Here is  a question we received for our monthly Copyright Q&A feature. Answers are provided by Christian Copyright Solutions. Feel free to submit your questions to us. We answer as many as we can here on our site once a month.


Are ministries allowed to charge for concerts, to make them fundraisers?


Yes. You’ll need to begin by getting all the proper performance licensing in place. Anytime copyrighted music is played or performed outside of a worship service, licensing is required. It is a must for most concerts, ticketed or not.

Securing all the individual song permissions you’ll need for an event can be a time consuming and costly process. You’ll need to contact each owner of the songs being performed and tell them where and when you’ll use their song, how much you’ll be charging for admission and how many you expect to be in attendance. They will then grant you the right to use their song (or not) and will let you know the royalties you’ll need to pay. This process often takes 3-6 weeks for most Christian songs and 3-6 months for many secular songs.

The far more convenient and cost-effective option is purchasing CCS’ PERFORMmusic License, which provides immediate coverage and covers all of your church’s events for an entire year. The PERFORMmusic license is the only church blanket license available and covers more than 16 million songs including Christian and all genres in the ASCAP, BMI and SESAC catalogs. Annual fees are based on the size of your congregation and starts as low as $199. With this licenses in place, getting the coverage you need to make your events a ticketed fundraiser is simple. Just complete CCS’s online Ticketed Event Form after the event to report which songs you used, how many attended and your ticket price. CCS will calculate your royalties due and send them to the PROs on your behalf. Simple!

The copyright Q&A answers provided are information, not legal advice. For more information and resources, including fact sheets, videos and idea kits, visit ChristianCopyrightSolutions.com. Use promo code “ABOUTWORSHIP” to receive 10% off the PERFORMmusic and WORSHIPcast Licenses and the PERMISSIONSplus Service.

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