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CustomMix - A New Web Browser Based Mix Platform

CustomMix - A New Web Browser Based Mix Platform

By Admin on June 17, 2013

MultiTracks.com, the largest digital retailer of original master MultiTracks in the U.S., announced the release of a new mix platform called CustomMix™ that allows their customers to mix and export a song straight from their web browser.

Since launching in 2006, MultiTracks.com was the first company to introduce the download of multi-tracks created from original master recordings where a worship leader can use any combination of individual part to enhance their live sound. MultiTracks has pioneered agreements with many of the largest music labels and publishers in the Christian music industry including Capitol CMG, Integrity Music, Hillsong Live, Bethel Music, Gateway Create, along with many others and the company has a growing catalog of over 1000 MultiTrack in multiple keys for live performance.

As a company focused on resourcing churches, the announcement of CustomMix™ stands as another first in their industry as MultiTracks continues to be an innovator in providing digital resources for worship leaders.

“Our customers have always been required to learn a music software before they could fully customize a mix for live performance, until now.” said Phillip Edwards, founder of MultiTracks.com. “We are still as passionate as ever about using Ableton, Studio One, or ProTools for their live playback, but for those people that want complete customization right away without having to learn a software first, CustomMix™ makes this possible.”

Currently MultiTracks.com is converting their extensive catalog to offer m4a’s and higher quality WAV files, both in MultiTrack format and in CustomMix. Customers can mute, solo, mix volumes and export their perfect mix in minutes from within the CustomMix™ platform into a stereo accompaniment or live performance mix with click track split to the left.

CustomMix™ launches in beta format today in Google Chrome, Safari, Internet Explorer, Firefox and it is available in iOS on iPad and iPhone with certain track limitations due to the ram available on the device.

About MultiTracks.com
MultiTracks.com is the largest online distributor of MultiTracks licensed and distributed to churches for live performance. MultiTracks originally began as Interactive Worship Live in 2006 and re-branded to MultiTracks.com in early 2012 and subsequently launched RehearsalMix.com in 2012 which provides custom listening mixes created from original master recordings so musicians and singers in churches can receive their exact listening parts before their rehearsal or performance. For more information on MultiTracks for live worship please visit www.multitracks.com or send an email to info@multitracks.com

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