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Daniel Bashta, The Invisible - Review

Daniel Bashta, The Invisible - Review

By Mathew Reames on February 03, 2013

Integrity music artist Daniel Bashta is releasing his sophomore album The Invisible. If you are not familiar with Daniel, perhaps you are familiar with his song “Like a Lion” which has been covered by such notable artists as David Crowder, Kristian Stanfill, and The Newsboys.

Bashta’s sound has a very natural feel to it, incorporating many acoustic instruments and manageable electric guitar work. This is great because it allows for the songs to translate to a small local church that might not be able to emulate the stadium feel of other popular worship leaders.

The second track on the album, “Praise The Invisible”, is being given away on Noisetrade as a free single. This song is simple in both its lyricism and its instrumentation. The lyrics focus on the nature and character with the opening line: ‘Praise the invisible. Praise the Immortal God.’ It catches your attention and gets stuck in your mind so that without realizing it, you are singing, humming, and worshiping the Lord. That alone makes it a great song.

“Let Hope In” is another standout track on the album. Hope is a central theme of Daniel’s worship and ministry. It is written on his guitar and tattooed on his arm. This song is a cry for God who is our hope to come to us, and a call for humanity to as the title suggests ‘Let Hope In’ - this song really ministers to the outcast and the broken. It is virtually impossible to listen to this song without feeling hope arise within you. It has a big feel whilst having simple orchestration that focuses on a strong drum line and group vocals - headed of course by Bashta.

“Great is The Lord” is another track that just stuck in my head. I love the simple desperation. The chorus is merely one line repeated, but it speaks one of the most basic truths of the Bible. “Great is the Lord most worthy of all praise. Great is the Lord most worthy of all praise.” This truth underlines the heart of worship. God is worthy of praise.

“Behold the Lamb” is one of the greatest songs I have ever heard. It has a feel to it like Jennie Riddle’s now famous “Revelation Song” where the song feels huge and displays the full majesty of God, but is also simple and relatable. It really relies on group vocals that make you feel as though you are singing along with a choir of angels that are before the very throne of God. I challenge you to listen to this song and not be swept away in awe.

You could easily make an argument to call every track on this album a standout, and easily use every song in the context of a local body of believers. So, it is hard to pick highlights. This is a five star album that needs to be a staple in the collection of every worship leader. This album is raw, passionate, and focuses on the Lord first and foremost.

What's your favorite song on the album?

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Mathew Reames

Mathew Reames

Mathew is a missionary and a worship leader serving the global body of Christ through worship training, biblical teaching, and evangelism. He resides in Lawrence, KS and Serves at Eagle Rock Church when not on the mission field.