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Do You Worship As An Orphan Or As A Son/Daughter? (Devotion)

Do You Worship As An Orphan Or As A Son/Daughter? (Devotion)

By Julie Terwilliger on August 02, 2012

You can tell a lot how people see themselves by their actions and attitude towards God and worship.  This is not for judging or pointing fingers but merely observations and also a testimony of the journey I have personally been on.

 There is a huge difference between orphans and adopted/natural children’s behaviors.  Now, we have all been adopted by Him as His children (Romans 8:14 & 15), but not all of us ‘act’ (actions spurred on by our beliefs) like we are not orphans anymore.  Below is a list to help understand some of the differences.

Are we worshiping as orphans or as sons and daughters?


Son or Daughter:

Beg for something to happen in service Expect God to move throughout the week and wherever they go because His spirit is within them  
Pray & worship ‘hard’ Rest in worship in His presence without feeling the need to impress Him  
Focus only on needs Free to desire and ask for more than just needs  
Uncomfortable with silence, every void has to be filled Values soaking moments

Recognizes the precious in the little things

Satisfied that worship service was flawless Pursues encounters with God outside of Sunday  
Approach God as a beggar - I don’t want to bother Him Approach God as a son or daughter - I belong in His presence  
Mostly asking Mostly thanking  
See what He does more than >>> Recognizing who He is  
Look to His hand Look to His face  
Come to Him when they need something Come to Him just to seek Him and be with Him  
Focusing on duties Seeking the depths of God  
Insecure, competitive and driven to rise above others Feels complete by just being and being with Him  
Worship prepares for prayer Worship IS prayer  
Worship is an event or section of the Sunday service Worship is a constant happening (lifestyle)  
Feels unworthy Knows they are loved and desired 
Grumpy or fearful Joyful, confident  
Serves out of guilt or obligation and demands the same from others Only does what they see and hear what the Father is doing  

To worship as a son or daughter is to know Him as Father.  2 Cor 6:18 Prayer:

Father God, shine Your light into any area that I may be orphaned in.  I want to experience Your fullness.  Show me how you want me to see you.  I worship you, Abba Father ,as your child!

To use this as a team devotional, play some worship background music, read aloud the Bible verse references, pass out printed copies of list and have everyone take a few minutes to personally read through and check any areas that they may identify with or even add to this list.  Have some time to share and as the leader, always lead by example and make sure you are sharing as well.  End with a prayer or group prayer or ask Father how to minister this to your team, He may have a different plan!

Blessings to you and your worship team !

 (photo by Ivette Ferrero)

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Julie Terwilliger

Julie Terwilliger

Julie is a business owner, designer, worship leader, and iPhoneographer. She loves Jesus, elevating others, laughing & living life to the fullest with her husband & son in Michigan.