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Don't Be A Lone Ranger Worship Leader

Don't Be A Lone Ranger Worship Leader

By Wisdom Moon on April 29, 2014

As worship leaders it is easy to get so focused and caught up in what we are doing at our local church that we forget that we are a part of THE Church...The Body of Christ. We can get so busy with our weekly tasks that we neglect community with other worship leaders in our city.

Shortly after moving to Kansas City, I asked around to see if there was a worship leaders network. None of the worship leaders I talked to knew of one or were a part of one, so I decided to start one because I value networking and connecting with other worship leaders. At that time I was not on staff at a church, but I didn’t let that stop me. We still to this day meet about once a month for lunch and fellowship.

Some of you reading this are Lone Ranger Worship Leaders. You are trying to do it on your own. You are not connected with other worship leaders in your area or other parts of the country. You’ve become so busy with your own little world that you forgot that you’re a part of something much greater that God is doing globally.

I want to encourage you to be a part of a community of worship leaders. Sure, it’s important to be a part of a small group at your church and be a part of your church community. However, there is something unique and refreshing about living in community with other worship leaders. They understand the challenges you may be facing in your role. They can encourage you and give you input that no one else could.

If you are not connected with other worship leaders, I invite you to join us next week at the All About Worship Conference where about 60 worship leaders from all over the country will gather to worship, pray for one another, and build lasting relationships. If you’re not able to make it to the conference, get connected with other worship leaders in your city. If there isn’t a network already, start one like I did.

Are you a part of a local worship leaders network? If so, I invite you to share your network info in the comment section below. Maybe someone in your area is reading this and can get plugged in!

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Wisdom Moon

Wisdom Moon

Wisdom is a husband, father, worship leader, songwriter, and Founder/CEO of All About Worship. He was born in South Korea, but spent most of his life in Silicon Valley (California), and currently resides in Nashville, TN with his wife and three kids. Wisdom has been involved in worship ministry for over 20 years. For more about Wisdom, visit WisdomMoon.com