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Dwayne Moore - Building Strong Worship Leaders [E-Book Review]

Dwayne Moore - Building Strong Worship Leaders [E-Book Review]

By Jolie Ozbun on March 11, 2015

Recently, I have felt the calling to help our youth worship team to become better equipped at leading worship. I had no idea where to start in this mentoring process until I was given the opportunity to review this E-Book from Dwayne Moore called Building Strong Worship Leaders. This 70 page book is jam-packed with resources and teaching tools from quite an array of professionals, including worship leaders, pastors, and artists, to help worship leaders wanting to build a stronger worship team.

Now, don't get me wrong, this book is an excellent resource for worship leaders/directors who have the tremendous responsibility of leading massive choirs, orchestras, worship teams, sound technicians, and much more in order to develop a good team. However, it is at the same time refreshing to know that the author, Dwayne Moore, is just as much vested in us as worshippers to share in God's call to build up the church body for worship, under the mentorship of the worship pastor.

You may find that this is a "paradigm shift" from the way it has always been done, as Mr. Moore puts it, that the worship leader is "going from managing talents to mentoring leaders." In fact, I have always respected worship leaders for their ability to take on immense responsibility with the monumental tasks involved in leading worship, while trying to find any extra time to mentor the worship team. However, Ray Jones, Pastor of Worship Ministries in San Antonio, TX, confirms that, "It's about discipling them, not merely training them to be musicians."

Pastor Jason Hatley, also a mentor and coach to worship leaders, writes that it's a shift in mindset from manager to mentor, "Instead of just maintaining, you are developing leaders to help you carry the responsibilities."  

Dwayne Moore also adds that at Valley View Church in Louisville, KY, where he is Pastor of Worship and Creative Arts, they have a vision for discipleship that's laid out as a four-fold plan which starts with worshipers becoming apprentices, and then the apprentices developing into leaders or overseers. Moore says that worship services are made up of people, and therefore, why not build up better worshipers. Furthermore, he writes, "Worship is not something we can muster up or generate on the outside, if it's not first taking place on the inside."

Aaron Keyes, founder of 10,000 Fathers Worship School, gives some key points about our nation's need for good fathers, and how important it is that our churches raise up good fathers. His challenge for men is to find someone that they would like to emulate as a godly example, while striving to be a godly example for the next generation themselves.

I agree, and Dr. Jody Dean, Asst. Professor for Christian Education at New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, takes it a step further by adding, "We as leaders in the church need to realize and embrace how it will require an intentional investment of our time to develop the character and competencies of those we lead."

As a teacher myself, I have worked with diverse students from all walks of life, and it is so crucial for their growth to look at each person as an individual, giving them proper guidance for progress so that they won't remain stagnant. Dr. Jody Dean asks, "Who are we meeting with and encouraging, helping to take their lives and ministries to a new level of effectiveness and faith?" Ultimately we are giving God the glory when we are guiding those under us to reach their full potential in God's service.  

This book also includes some chapters devoted to the definition of worship by Dr. Bob Kauflin, director of Sovereign Grace Music, and author of Worship Matters: Leading Others to Encounter the Greatness of God (a worship leader's must read, and an excellent study guide for a worship team).

Also included, are several vital teaching tools given by the author, Dwayne Moore, to utilize in your repertoire of mentoring your worship menthes. Moore also has a couple of website communities for worship leaders: AsaphGeneration.com and Next Level Worship, which include valuable resources for training worship leaders and worship teams.

I have only scratched the surface of this superb E-book, Building Strong Worship Leaders, which includes many more insightful authors with more powerful, intriguing advice to worship leaders on this topic of mentorship. I hope you will find it effective as you build His Kingdom of worshipers for the glory of God.

To download a free copy of this E-Book click here.

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Jolie Ozbun

Jolie Ozbun

Jolie has served in the church most of her life performing in worship teams, at church retreats and conferences. She has also served as a youth Sunday school teacher and a children's/youth choir leader.  She has ministered outside the church for Save-A-Life as a music leader and counselor, and has performed for nursing homes, shelters, and other churches. She earned her degree in English with a minor in music from Bob Jones University. Currently, she works as an adult reading teacher, and spends her spare time singing, songwriting, playing guitar, and enjoying family. She lives in Tallahassee, Florida with her husband Greg and their three children.