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Elevation Worship, Nothing is Wasted - Review

Elevation Worship, Nothing is Wasted - Review

By Joel Paul on February 19, 2013

Elevation Worship’s new double CD is meditative. It allows cavernous spaces for the listener to meditate upon an unchanging God who is full of grace, mercy, redemption, and love: a God who is worthy to be followed. The tracks on this double CD can calm you on your drive home from a hectic and stressful day at work. They can fill you with joy as you drink a cup of coffee in the cool of a summer morning while you sit on your deck to consider the blessings bestowed upon you.

Within this double CD set we are treated to studio versions of songs as well as live versions of the same songs. I found myself listening to the live versions over the studio versions. I found them to be filled with more passion, better instrumentation, and I enjoyed hearing a congregation of people lifting high the name of our God.

I found the studio versions suffered from what I would consider overproduction. For me, the modern method of music recording and production diminished the life of the songs a little bit. It just seems like the studio and all the gizmos and knobs and technology got in the way of the content of the songs.

The theme of the opening track, “Great in Us”, is the power of God’s love and the redemptive work of the cross of Christ to overcome all hurts, past mistakes, current successes, and future hope. Greater love dwells within us because of the power of the cross. This song sets the tone for the rest of the tracks.

A highlight track for me is “Unchanging God”.  The opening verse speaks of God’s faithfulness in a myriad of situations. The Apostle Paul encouraged Timothy to remind his congregation of the principles of God’s word. This is exactly what this song does. It reminds us of God’s faithfulness, and that our God is an unchanging God. He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow.  His word will stand forever. This song lives out the teaching the Apostle Paul gives us in Colossians. This song teaches and admonishes us with a spiritual song sung with grace in the heart.

Another track I appreciate is “I Have Decided”. I enjoy this track because it takes a traditional hymn and enhances it with a modern musical style and added lyrics. “I will follow, my heart surrendered, my Jesus I am yours” is a fantastic new lyric for this song because it maintains the original theme and spirit of the song. While the lyric is somewhat repetitive within the composition, the crescendo build up with the music prompts a full fledge outburst of praise and worship. You just aren’t trying hard enough if you sing along and still have a voice at the conclusion of the piece.

To conclude the CD, Elevation Worship returned to the theme of God being greater. “Greater” concludes this collection of songs with a proclamation that God is greater because He is a God of peace, strength, victory, power, and alone worthy to be praised and followed. This is a phenomenal message to leave with a listener.

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Joel Paul

Joel Paul

Joel grew up in Kansas City and began playing music at an early age. While his first musical lessons were for the accordion, he found his passion with guitar, mixed in a few years of flute, and has picked up bass the last three years. A husband for twenty years, and the father of two teenagers he plays bass and guitar as part of a praise team at a local congregation in the midtown corridor of Kansas City.