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Elevation Worship - Wake Up The Wonder [Review]

Elevation Worship - Wake Up The Wonder [Review]

By Chris Olson on December 09, 2014

So, you want some new modern worship, you say? Is that what you want? Well, we may have just the thing for you! Wake Up the Wonder is the new live worship album from Elevation Worship. Elevation Worship is the worship team of Elevation Church, a large multi-campus church in Charlotte, North Carolina.  

Wake Up the Wonder is the second album offering from Elevation Worship in 2014, and it was recorded live in August at the Time Warner Cable Arena in Charlotte, along with a crowd of 16,000 worshippers! If you think that means this album is full of energy, you are correct!

This song has A LOT of tracks - 16, to be specific, including two instrumental/interlude tracks. I can tell you confidently that every single track is fitting for congregational worship. It’s rare that every track on an album fits, but this one nails it. But, let me point out a few highlights...

Jesus I Come” is the third track on the album, and a great song. This song has a great intimate vibe with a great groove. Personally, while the entire song is strong lyrically, the bridge lyric gets me, “Thank you Jesus, just as I am I come. Hallelujah, oh what amazing love.” Especially when the vocal jumps the octave on this lyric...whoa.

“Your Promises” is another song with a chill vibe sound starting with the intro. This is a solid song about leaning on God in the midst of trial, fear, and uncertainty. The chorus leads the worshipper in proclaiming, “Doesn’t matter what I feel, doesn’t matter what I see, my hope will always be Your promises to me. Now I’m casting out all fear, for your love has set me free, my hope will always be Your promises to me.” Some people in your church NEED to sing this lyric over and over again, and then again.

“Great Things (Worth It All)” is another killer tune that deals with the notion of acknowledging trial in our praise. I absolutely LOVE these lyric verses, “Thank you for the wilderness, where I learned to thirst for your presence. If I’ve never known that place, how could I have known you are better? Thank you for the lonely times, when I learned to live in the silence. As the other voices fade, I can hear you calling me, Jesus. Thank you for the scars I bare, they declare that you are my healer. How could I have seen your strength, if you never showed me my weakness?” DUDE.

And finally, “The King is Among Us.” This is by far my favorite song on this album. Why? Because it’s awesome! (Duh) Ok, want more than that? Well, this song has an amazing groove from the get go. It has lots of space and air in the arrangement with a steady dynamic build. The verse is a great prayer and petition to God to continue the work we read about in Scripture, “All the stories told, all the miracles, would you do it again, do it again?” And the chorus continues this theme as a straight up plea to God, “We need Your revival, Holy Spirit fire, burning ever brighter in our souls.” So, you have a cool arrangement and solid lyrics. What else could this song possibly have, you ask? AUTO TUNE. That’s what! Now, stick with me here...

Normally I detest autotune and view it as a copout for poor vocals. Well, Matt Brock does not have poor vocals, so that’s not the point here. But, there is a breakdown/free worship time after the bridge in this song, and at this time (per the video of the live recording) Matt goes and grabs another mic, which has autotune on it. This moment is one of my favorite in any worship tune I have listened to recently. It is creative, it is artsy, it is different, and most of all - it is worshipful. Trust me - you’ll dig it too.    

All in all, Wake Up the Wonder doesn’t “change the game” or shatter any previous worship trends. One might say they actually beef them up a bit! And while the lyrics don’t go super theologically deep, they are easy to connect with, they are personal, and they are great for a congregation to sing together. The production level is superb on this, and there are some nice textures and the use of electronic elements (like the autotune) are really tasteful. Sonically, it sounds great to the ears, and if you’re looking for a worship album to feed your song rotation at church, this definitely fits the bill.

Remember, these are actual worship pastors who lead their communities in worship week after week. They are writing for their church, and sharing it with the Church. This album focuses on the “wow factor” of God, and really seeks to stir up a new revival in His Church. And let’s face it, couldn’t we all use a bit more of that?

Disclosure: A copy of this album was provided by the record label or artist for review purposes. The iTunes widget above is a part of an affiliate program. If you purchase the album through the widget, a small percentage of the sale will benefit All About Worship.

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Chris Olson

Chris Olson

Chris has been involved in worship ministry in some way for over 20 years, ranging from worship team guitarist/bassist/drummer to staff worship pastor. Chris presently serves as one of the worship leaders at Grace Church in Overland Park, KS, and is also a songwriter with a passion to write songs for the local church.  Chris married WAY up when his wife Rachel said “I do,” and they have two awesomely awesome kids, Aedan and Caitlin.