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Episode 42: Interview with Bob Kauflin - Show Notes

Episode 42: Interview with Bob Kauflin - Show Notes

By Admin on May 04, 2010

Ben and Wisdom start off the show with a discussion on worship leader hair. We announce an improvement on our podcast episode titles to help you, our friends, find the episodes you want more quickly.

Listener Feedback

-A voice message from Eddy Mann talking about Tommy Walker's influence on his ministry.

-An email from Keith Yoder in the Middle East about Wisdom's pronunciation of the word "podcast" vs. Ben's pronunciation of the word "worship".

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Night of Worship

Join us on Friday, May 21st @ 7:30pm CST in person or online for a special Acoustic Night of Worship with Jared Anderson, Michael Farren of Pocket Full of Rocks, Tommy Walker, and Darrell Evans. Click here for more details.

We want to say a BIG thanks to WorshipPlanning.com for sponsoring this episode. Start your 30 day free trial today. Check out their feature, 360wp, that allows you to get feedback from your congregation about your worship services. It's pretty awesome!

Special thanks to Bob Kauflin for taking the time to share his wisdom and insight on our podcast.

Thank you for listening from all over the world. We couldn't do this without YOU, our friends!

Coming Up this Summer...interviews with Tommy Walker, Rick Muchow, Hillsong United, Miriam Webster, and more!

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