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Episode 50: Interview with Matt Papa

By Admin on August 27, 2010

We've reached 50 episodes!!! This week we hear an interview Wisdom did with songwriter/worship leader - Matt Papa.  During the recent National Worship Leader Conference here in Kansas, Matt was gracious enough to sit down and talk over dinner.  And, Matt's most embarrassing moment leading worship...it's a doozy. We'll also get to your calls and another giveaway! Oh...and accents...

Listener Messages
  • We received a voicemail from a longtime listener, Matt Neff. His question is for all of you "How do you start your worship services? Do you use a countdown clock? Prayer? Announcement?" We'd love to hear your answer. Just drop a comment below or give us a call at 913.735.4229.
Quick Links
  • WorshipPlanning.com - Once again, be sure to check out this fantastic tool for worship leaders. Awesome for assigning volunteers, planning music, planning services and communicating with worship ministry volunteers.
  • Podbean.com - This week's toolbox item. Check out the podcasting tool we use to make this podcast available.
  • Factor7Agency.com - If you need help with podcasting, social media and other web tools, check out how Wisdom can help your local church.
  • MattPapa.com - Visit Matt's website.
  • Your Kingdom Come - Get Matt's latest album on iTunes. One of Ben's faves of the year.
  • Matt on Twitter - Follow Matt @Matt_Papa
  • Open Hands - Get the song we shared on iTunes.
  • Matt's Facebook Page - Check out Matt's Facebook page.
  • WorshipRetreat.org - Check out our next retreat in May.
  • Free Music - Don't forget to watch the AAW blog for our CD giveaways during the months of August and September! Lots of music goodies you won't want to miss out on. So...subscribe to the blog and leave comments on posts with giveaways for your chance to win! You can enter once a week!
  • Episode 50 giveaway! -  FREE registration to our retreat coming up in May 19 - 21. Learn more about the retreat at www.WorshipRetreat.org. All you have to do is head over to the website and leave a comment on the giveaway post.
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A special thanks to Matt for stopping by the show! Big thanks WorshipPlanning.com for loving the worship leader by sponsoring the show. Give 'em love friends!

And of course...THANK YOU for listening!!!!

And as promised....Matt Papa is....Napoleon Dynamite: Comment on Facebook Comment on Twitter