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Episode 52: Interview with Billy & Cindy Foote

By Admin on September 26, 2010

On this episode, Wisdom is joined by Billy and Cindy Foote as they discuss worship leading, songwriting, and adoption. Billy Foote has written many congregational worship songs like: "You Are My King", "Sing To The King", and "You Are God Alone". Ben and Wisdom also discuss Star Wars, bolts, Mexican food, and our upcoming retreat.

Listener Messages
  • We received a voicemail from Ben all the way from Germany! Ben answers the question posed from long time listener, Matt Neff, back on episode 50.  Thanks Ben for being a part of the show!
Quick Links
  • WorshipPlanning.com – Once again, be sure to check out this fantastic tool for worship leaders. Awesome for assigning volunteers, planning music, planning services and communicating with worship ministry volunteers. Don't forget they provide their service for free to church plants for the first whole year.
  • WorshipRetreat.org - Seriously...why are you waiting!!! Brenton Brown, Pocket Full of Rocks, Sarah Reeves and more! September 30 the early bird registration ends! GO NOW!!!
  • BillyFoote.com - Check out Billy and Cindy's official website.
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A special thanks to Billy and Cindy for being a part of the show! Thanks to Centricity Music and WorshipPlanning.com! Give ‘em love friends!

And of course…THANK YOU for listening!!!!

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