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Free Song - Nothing More by Emilie Hendryx

By Admin on April 07, 2010

The All About Worship Music Panel picked this song to be featured this week. A huge thanks to the panelists. Also, a big thanks to Emilie for submitting the song. If you'd like to submit your song, click on the "Free Music" tab in the menu bar.


NothingĀ  More

Words and music by Emilie Hendryx 2008

Verse 1:

The dreams of men may fail

Thoughts of great minds will not prevail

The ideas of this world

Will not stand, they wont be heard


For there is nothing greater than You

Oh Lord, our Creator


There is nothing more mighty than Your hand

Nothing more worthy than

To sing Your praises as loud as we can

And there is nothing more powerful

Than Your love

Verse 2:

The riches of this earth

Cannot compare to Your great worth

The beauty of creation

Is far surpassed by our salvation


By Your wounds we are healed

By Your promise we've been sealed

By Your blood we're made clean

By Your love we've been redeemed

By Your love

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