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Glenn Packiam "The Kingdom Comes" - CD Review

By Ed Rotheram on April 13, 2011

Rarely does an album come along where one feels that every track has a place in a Sunday morning worship set. Yet with his EP The Kingdom Comes, in my opinion Glenn Packiam has come up with an offering worthy of being placed into this bracket.

From start to finish, the EP conveys a great message of truth, wisdom, reverence, holiness, and praise. There is even a sense of chronology to it - as worshippers we seek opportunities to praise, encounter revelation from the Lord, and then respond accordingly. Track for track, this album gives worshippers every opportunity to do just that, from the punchy opener ‘Our Messiah Reigns’, through to the reverent, responsive ‘At the Cross’. 

The level of praise and adulation expressed in ‘Our Messiah Reigns’ is something to behold from a songwriter’s perspective. At no point during this song do you feel like Glenn was struggling to find words to express his praise, and at no point do you feel like there wasn’t a plan, a binding structure holding the song together. This is one of those songs where you question whether it hasn’t just been around for ages, it’s too good to have just been written.

‘Forgiven Forever’, for me, is the standout track on the EP. As Christians, it is often forgiveness that presents the most difficult aspect of God’s love for us to accept. This track presents forgiveness in a way that says to me that we are forgiven, not for who we are, but for who He is. Summing it up with a stunning bridge based upon Romans 8:38-39, we are reminded that:

no death, no life, no present, no future,

no angel, no demon, no power, no creature, could take me away from the love that’s in Jesus Christ’

We are forgiven because He is forgiving, we are loved because He first loved us.

In keeping with the idea of every song being suitable for Sunday mornings, the arrangements and instrumentation on this album are kept simple, yet highly effective. Led from either an acoustic guitar or piano and backed by the standard guitar, bass, keys and drums line-up, this album would present worship leaders with no problems with using the songs for their own worship sets.

I particularly like the arrangements in ‘All Things’ - a great praise chorus, with a nice building chord progression in the verse; and ‘Everlasting God’, with it’s melodic piano introduction leading into a reflective song of response to the Lord.

I have realized more and more in the past few weeks and months that worship is about us bringing a pleasing offering to the Lord, a response worthy of the praise He’s due. This album does this succinctly, ordering praise, revelation and response worthy of a great offering to God. I pray it blesses you as much as it has blessed me.

-Review by Ed Rotheram (review CD provided by Integrity Music) The Kingdom Comes - Glenn Packiam

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