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Glenn Packiam, The Mystery of Faith - Review

Glenn Packiam, The Mystery of Faith - Review

By Mathew Reames on March 03, 2013

Glenn Packiam is more than a worship leader; he is a pastor, and also a theologian. It is these other areas of his life that make his music so fascinating. His newest EP, The Mystery of Faith is no exception. This EP explores the mystery of faith through worship, and by exploring the classic liturgies of Christianity.

The EP is deep and rich with theology, and tracks 2 and 3 really explore this. “For The Life of the World” explores the nature and manner of salvation through Jesus Christ. The song has a beautiful bridge that hits the essentials of our faith. “Up from the grave You arose lifted high, Jesus Christ. You will come again and You will reign, Jesus Reign…”

The Song bleeds right into a recitation of “The Nicene Creed” The song is simple and easily singable and fills you with the joy of salvation. The music is easy to follow and would fit well in a church service. There used to be a time when the creeds were read every time we gathered for fellowship, and listening as the Nicene creed is read just fills you with faith.

Tracks 5 and 6 also blend one into the next: “The Prayer of Confession” and “We Confess”. As you can imagine the focus here is confession. The prayer itself was directly lifted from the 1979 Book of Common Prayer.

The 7th track “The Lord Be With You” is a beautiful liturgical call and response song. Many churches still do call and response reading and the phrase “The Lord be with you...” “And also with you.” might be familiar to many of our readers. Glenn has wonderfully incorporated this liturgy into a song that allows us to share with one another in the blessings of the Lord.

The beauty of this EP is that it is rich in its theology. Every song is based on the classic works of theology, the scripture, and the liturgies of our faith. You can put each of these songs into your church service and not have to worry about anyone questioning the lyrical content. Furthermore, one of the keys to the album is found in its simplicity. Each song is easy to play and easy to sing, which makes it accessible to the worship team.

I recommend this as a fantastic 4 star EP. If it were a full album it would easily make a 5 star, but because it is just an EP it left me wanting more. This EP has a companion book which also released today, called Discovering The Mystery of Faith. I have not read the book, but with the beauty of this EP, I can safely say that I want that as well.

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Mathew Reames

Mathew Reames

Mathew is a missionary and a worship leader serving the global body of Christ through worship training, biblical teaching, and evangelism. He resides in Lawrence, KS and Serves at Eagle Rock Church when not on the mission field.