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"God is Able", Hillsong - CD Review

By Ed Rotheram on August 02, 2011

Paul’s impassioned address to the church of Ephesus in Ephesians 3:12-20 speaks of the assurances we should take from the sheer love of God, that through Him we have a love so deep that through Him we are able to accomplish anything - because He is able and good.

Encapsulating the passion, the glory, and the awe of this message through sung worship would seem a tall order for many. For Hillsong, in whom we find 20 years worth of anointed live worship (and a movement that has changed the way the world thinks about worship), this is another step on the road to living and breathing the love of God through worship.

The album starts in a way we’ve come to expect from Hillsong - a sumptuous blend of ethereal delayed guitars, a pounding rhythm unit of drums and bass, and Joel Houston’s rugged vocal sitting nicely atop the mix. In Joel’s rousing opener - ‘Rise’ - we find a worship song speaking of the desire for more understanding, more intimacy, and more depth to our relationship with Him. I particularly like the bridge (“Swing the doors wider”

etc...) - the reflection of freedom we find in Him is awe-inspiring.

The seemingly never-ending songwriting gifting that has been bestowed upon Reuben Morgan continues in fine tradition with ‘With Us’ (a co-write with Hillsong guitarist Dylan Thomas). The beauty of this one for me lies in the fact that the overall message of the song is one of comfort - a God that is with us always - and yet, the lyrics of the song are almost pure praise - it is not about who we are, but about who we are in Him. Again set to

an energetic backdrop, the searing guitar riff on this one is particularly catchy - technically simple though very effective.

Another personal favorite on the album for me is ‘The Lost Are Found’. This message of salvation, hope, faith and healing is overwhelmingly powerful - especially in the second part of the song. This song carries all the hallmarks of previous Hillsong classics as ‘From the Inside Out’, ‘Came to My Rescue’ and ‘The Stand’, in that the sections are well constructed, and the rousing, repeated chorus forms the bedrock of the song. The ‘live

worship’ feel comes across particularly well on this track, with a nice mix of highs and lows of texture and dynamic.

The title track has a certain familiarity to it - it’s one of those songs that sounds as if it has always been around. The feel of the song is representative of that - parts that you would expect to find in your average church band are all there - acoustic & electric guitars, bass, drums and keys can all be heard well in the mix. The song itself fits perfectly into the themes of hope, trust, faith and assurance that come across in abundance on this album.

Lastly and of particular note is Darlene Zschech’s poignant and reflective heartfelt song “Cry of the Broken”. If you’re looking for a heart’s cry to the Lord, to feel acceptance, to feel love, then this is the song for you. Almost poetic lyrics set to a subtle backing of piano and strings, this song draws on Hillsong’s more traditional, reflective side, and is a worthy conclusion to a great album.

-Review by Ed Rotheram

(review copy provided by Kingsway)

God Is Able (Live) - Hillsong Live

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