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Harmonizing In Falsetto in Worship? [Q&A]

Harmonizing In Falsetto in Worship? [Q&A]

By Sophie Shear on March 13, 2014

As a worship resource, we are here to answer your questions about anything related to worship ministry! Below is a question we recently received and an answer from one of our contributors. If you’d like to submit a question, head over to our Contact Page.


I'm in high school and I have been playing with a lot of my church's worship teams and typically sing harmony when I don't lead. Sometimes there are harmonies where if I could just comfortably reach a half step higher, I could sing the harmony. Here is my question to you:

Would it be acceptable (obviously to the Lord anything is, but you don't want to distract the congregation) to harmonize using falsetto, whether it's just for a few notes or a whole series of notes? I've been pretty torn because as a guy it feels unnatural to simply sing in that voice while another vocal is typically in the chest voice.

Do you think I should give it a shot or try and figure out another harmony like I've been doing? I suppose it's how the Lord leads but another leader's opinion would still be useful!

Jon Z.


Hi Jon,
Singing a harmony in falsetto is perfectly acceptable, even if the lead singer is in chest. Try it, and see how it goes. There is another register that you could use as well though, that's called the mixed voice. It's a combination of chest voice, head voice, (which is similar to falsetto) and a less popular register, which is called the pharynx. By experiencing a blend in these 3 resonators, you'd be able to effectively reach to that higher half-step (and beyond) and still maintain the power and ease that you're looking for.  To see what I mean, go to www.YouTube.com/SophieShear.

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Sophie Shear

Sophie Shear (Guest Writer)

Sophie Shear is a Commercial Vocal Coach in Nashville, TN. She coaches privately out of her studio on legendary Music Row in Nashville, travels to teach Vocal Masterclasses at churches across the Country, and sings on the worship team at her home church.