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"Here We Are", Harbour Live - CD Review & Giveaway/Free Song

By Mathew Reames on August 07, 2011

Earlier this year Harbour Live released Here We Are - their first live church worship album. The Harbour Church (Fort Lauderdale, FL) is the home church to Andrew Ehrenzeller and Matt Reed who have both been featured on All About Worship with their recent releases.

The production values on this album are quite good for a local church’s first recording. The sound on this album is pretty standard following the Hillsong and Jesus Culture style There are a few deviations, but for the most part they remained in familiar territory. The album was actually produced by Jeremy Edwardson, who also produces Bethel Church (Redding, CA) and Jesus Culture projects. 

Track 2 “Here We Are” is one of the tracks I really found myself enjoying. It opens with a solid guitar hook, but during the verses it uses a driving bass line to push the song that gives way to heavy guitars during the Chorus. The song is solid lyrically; it lists characteristics of God and his promises. They are simple and singable as all of the songs on this album are used in Harbour Church’s services and small groups. It fits well in congregational worship.

“Who Can Compare” is another solid song. It has soft female vocals (by Mary Kat Conolley - Andrew Ehrenzeller's fiancee/soon-to-be wife) backed by a very ethereal pad. The piano and acoustic guitar add to the soft worship vibe of the song. The song is praising and honoring God because He leads us into righteousness. It speaks of how He guides us and calls us gently into His presence. The simple bridge which says, “You are The Way. You are The Truth and You are The Life”, really draws the Spirit of God and you can feel it even through the CD.

Track 8 really stands out to me on this album. “This Is Our God” seems to be the furthest deviation from the Hillsong and Jesus Culture style. The song has a upbeat driven rhythm reminiscent of The Killers. Lyrically it is an awesome description of our God; His power and might, and the authority over the works of darkness. This is a song I want to learn myself to start using in my church.

Overall this is a solid first offering from The Habour Church. If there was anything negative to be said about it, it is this: Here We Are is too safe and doesn’t venture far enough from the Hillsong and Jesus Cultre style that is so prevalent in the church. However, I see potential in this album and I know that this will be a great launching pad for this worship ministry to burst forward.

A full preview of the album and chord charts are available on their website.

-Review by Mathew Reames

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Album Credits:

Executive Producer: Darren Davis

Producer: Jeremy Edwardson

Additional production by Jonathan Berlin & Justin Jarvis

Lead vocals: Justin Jarvis & Mary Kat Conolley

Additional vocals: Andrew Ehrenzeller

Lead Guitar: Jonathan Berlin

Electric Guitar: Justin Jarvis

Acoustic Guitar: Andrew Ehrenzeller

Keys: Robert Eiserloh

Bass: Mark Zimmer

Drums: Matthew Reed

Additional bass: Jonathan Berlin

All songs written by Justin Jarvis except:

"We Are One" - Mary Kat Conolley

"Who Can Compare" - Mary Kat Conolley & Justin Jarvis

"Matchless" - Mary Kat Conolley & Robert Eiserloh "Great Is Your Mercy" - Robert Eiserloh About Harbour Live:

Harbour Live is a family of worshippers, artists, songwriters and musicians living in community and creating music out of relationship with God and each other. We exist as a ministry of The Harbour Church in Fort Lauderdale, FL, serving the local church in worship from the living rooms of homes, to the stages of auditoriums. Our music is just a shadow of the lives we live with Jesus, and our purpose is rooted in creating an atmosphere filled with the presence of God. Our sounds and styles are diverse, yet we are unified around the belief that simple people equipped with the Gospel of Jesus and the Power of the Holy Spirit will change the world as we know it. Our songs are written in the local church as a testimony to the world of God's love, grace and power. It is our passion to spark this generation toward the authentic worship of Jesus and walking in intimate relationship with Him.

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Mathew Reames

Mathew Reames

Mathew is a missionary and a worship leader serving the global body of Christ through worship training, biblical teaching, and evangelism. He resides in Lawrence, KS and Serves at Eagle Rock Church when not on the mission field.