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Hillsong Chapel, Forever Reign - Review

Hillsong Chapel, Forever Reign - Review

By Matt Neff on October 29, 2012

Forever Reign is Hillsong Chapel’s second release following their first Yahweh release. Forever Reign was recorded in March of 2012 and features 12 rearranged songs.  

Usually whenever I hear the term “Unplugged” or “Intimate” I think “Thrown Together”,  “Low Budget” or “My Mom Thinks I Have a Gift” but this latest Hillsong release is definitely not the case.

Like everything Hillsong puts out, this album is produced and recorded with excellence and truly captures an intimate worship experience.

This album has different arrangements for their classic songs and doesn’t feel thrown together, but well thought out and executed.

For example, songs like “God Is Able” have been rearranged. Instead of a bunch of layered guitars and a massive sound, there are acoustic guitars and percussion. Even with this simpler setup, it still has power to the message and music and leaves nothing lacking. All of the songs have been given a facelift and recreated to provide a new, fresh sound on a song that you may already know by heart.

Take “Desert Song” for instance, it sounds great with the intro part performed on an acoustic instead of the electric. And they’ve replaced the drum parts with a more percussive djembe feel.

Not only is the musicianship top notch but the vocals are amazing too. A perfect example of this is “His Glory Appears” which is only vocals, piano and acoustic guitar. The way it’s recorded and mixed is awesome, you feel like you’re right in the middle of a congregation of believers all worshipping God together. You have to experience it.

Another great song is “With Everything” you may have heard it many times before but they have introduced some sweet, new arrangements, like an accordion to play the synth parts instead of the traditional warm pad sound. It sounds sweet.

This album is also awesome for some churches that may have a more traditional style of worship and might be a little leery of an edgier style of worship. It’s also a great tool for a worship leader preparing for a special acoustic service for Christmas Eve and would like to get some different arrangement options. Also it would be perfect for a small group or smaller church that don’t have a live band.

The bottom line is that you won’t feel cheated that this is an unplugged Hillsong album, it still has the quality and passion that only Hillsong (and Jesus) can deliver!

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