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Hillsong Live, Cornerstone - CD Review

Hillsong Live, Cornerstone - CD Review

By Joe Cameneti, Jr. on July 03, 2012

Hillsong never disappoints. I mean, their worst day is better than most other’s best, and Cornerstone is Hillsong at its finest. What I love the most – they never settle for just catchy songs. If their music doesn’t rope you in, their mission will - "Championing the cause of the local church."

As I previewed this live album, each new song was heard through the filter of my past experiences, (each better than the one before) and this album holds true to form.

Joyful and energetic, "Endless Light" is the perfect opener, setting the sonic tone of the album. An easy and singable chorus followed by an even more singable hook "God be exalted, God be exalted in everything – We live for Your glory Lord."

The title track is a fresh take on Edward Mote’s 1834 classic hymn “The Solid Rock”. Mirroring Hillsong’s global vision for 2012, this song articulates the message of Ephesians 2. God is building a home, and we are all a part of its construction.

“Now he’s using you, fitting you in brick by brick, stone by stone, with Christ Jesus as the Cornerstone that holds all the parts together.” Ephesians 2:19-22 (MSG)

Some other notable moments include “Running”, led by J.D. of Hillsong United. Every Hillsong record has this song, each one just sounds a bit different. “Run” from a few albums back comes to mind, and I love this one as much as the rest!

“Hope of the World” is another standout. Released in the Cornerstone EP, this is reminiscent of solid classics like “Mighty to Save”, and “Our God is Able”. If you are going through a rough time, Hope is sure to flood the atmosphere as you bump this in your playlist!

All of the songs are phenomenal, but there’s one in particular that I am addicted to – “Beneath the Waters (I Will Rise)”. This song is straight up powerful. It’s saying all the right things, and it’s making it personal.

“I rise as You are risen, declare Your rule and reign. My life confess Your Lordship And glorify Your name.”

Buy this album... Lots of times. Gift it on iTunes. Sing it. Cover it. And worship Jesus!

-Joe Cameneti, Jr.

We recently interviewed Reuben Morgan about this album...listen for it on our podcast mid-July! 

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