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Hope's Anthem, William Matthews - CD Review

By Joe Cameneti, Jr. on August 24, 2011

There’s a new breed of artists moving to the forefront of the “worship scene.” Bold, raw, even prophetic, and always full of Jesus. How is this different from every other worship artist out there? Maybe it’s not, but artists like Jesus Culture, Kim Walker, Bethel Live and Jeremy Riddle have flooded the “Top Albums” and “Top Songs” categories on iTunes in 2011, and it’s difficult to find a setlist where one of their songs isn’t being used to lead student group and congregations across America in worship.

Artists from Bethel Music, based out of Bethel Church in Redding, California, have emerged as the voice of a new movement, and William MatthewsHope’s Anthem is the latest installment in a line of albums birthed out of this movement.

Laced with a bit of everything - rock, pop and even some R&B and soul - Hope’s Anthem is fun, encouraging, fresh and innovative. From "Deep Cries Out", the first song on the record borrowed from Bethel Live’s Be Lifted High, to the title track and everything in between, the former IHOP worship leader brings something creative and new to every captivating moment.

Some noteworthy tracks include:

“This One Thing” – One I keep coming back to… Words that have been said a thousand times, but this time is different. The melody works perfect with the lyric, and the presence of God floods the room every time it comes on.

“We Believe” -  "that our nation will be saved, that our cities will be freed, every promise that you give, God we believe.” How could you not get into those lyrics? Should be the heart-cry of every church on the planet.

“My Great Reward” – Great song… great bridge… “I’ve never seen a lover who is quite like You, There’s no other, and every single moment that I’m with You is like no other.” This will get so stuck in your head… totally in a good way!

“I Just Want You More” – The last track on the album, and so fitting… Epic, worshipful and addictive.

“Hope’s Anthem” – Will no doubt become a “house” song in churches across the world (if it hasn’t already)… a beautiful anthem of hope and freedom in Christ.

When asked about his debut album, William says it best. “I really feel this album is going to release hope to you wherever you’re at. We’re going to release hope in God, hope in people and hope in cities and nations.”

-Review by Joe Cameneti, Jr.

(review copy provided by Kingsway)

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