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How Should We Determine Who The Leader Is?

How Should We Determine Who The Leader Is?

By Jason Houtsma on December 20, 2012

This article is a part of a new feature on our site. It is a series we call "The Leadership Roundtable" - where a team of "experts" take a question that was submitted and answer it here on our site so that it may help others out there that may have the same question. If you have a question you'd like to submit, contact us!

Question: Should band member of a worship team do the same stuff as the worship leader, as example goes? Because I'm in a youth worship team and we are trying to figure every thing out still. We have 3 people and no one leads. How should we determine who the leader is? Thanks!

Answer: That’s a great question and your use of the word “example” is the key to your answer. Good leaders don’t wait to be handed a title, they are raised up by those around them because they exhibit the qualities of a good leader.

For a worship team, that looks like showing up early and being prepared, working diligently on your craft, educating yourself, serving the rest of your team and picking up the ball when it’s been dropped. Find the person on your team that is doing that and you will know who your leader is. Naming them is  simply a formality.  If no one is filling that role, don’t be afraid to take it up.   Becoming a leader is a process and you won’t be perfect, but serve with humility and you will see your skill, your character and your team grow.

-Jason Houtsma of WorshipArtistry.com

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Jason Houtsma

Jason Houtsma (Guest Writer)

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