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How To Write Engaging Worship Songs For Kids

How To Write Engaging Worship Songs For Kids

By Brad Guldemond on April 23, 2015

Kids are fully of energy, love to be moving, and can easily be distracted so writing a worship song that engages them can be a daunting task. As I’ve written music and led worship for kids over the past 10 years, I’ve learned a few keys to keep in mind when writing worship songs that lead kids to worship in a way that engages their mind, body and spirit.


Writing kids songs is fun because you can be silly, use fun imagery, and explore creative territory that you wouldn’t be able to get into if you were writing for other ages. One way to come up with new ideas is to think of things kids like to do and the ways they like to have fun and see if you can relate that to a spiritual theme and springboard into a new song idea.


Kids enjoy doing actions to songs and it’s a great way to keep them engaged and fully participating in worship. Also, some kids are too young to read and so doing the actions is a great way to involve them in worship at a young age. Sometimes a whole song idea can be launched by thinking up fun actions or dance moves that kids will enjoy doing.


Like any other song, you want to use words and phrases that your audience is going to understand, so become familiar with what words and phrases relate to kids now a days (if you don’t know just run your lyrics by some kids and you’ll be able to know pretty fast). Just because the lyrics are simple doesn’t mean they aren’t powerful.


In the midst of all the fun imagery, actions and singing, we are talking about writing worship songs for kids so make sure spiritual truths are communicated. Don’t be afraid of tackling serious themes and truths in your songs. Find ways to communicate those truths in a way that relates to kids. I highly recommend getting a copy of the Jesus Storybook Bible by Sally Lloyd Jones and reading through it. She communicates deep truths of the Bible in fresh ways that connect with both kids and parents.


Kids deserve well crafted songs as much as any other genre. If you want your worship songs to go the distance with kids (and their parents) take time to craft and edit the songs until know that you have done your best.

Writing songs for kids is an honor and not something to be viewed as less important or beneath writing worship music for teens or adults. There are countless stories of people who remember songs from Sunday school, church, and camp that stick with them for their whole life and plant eternal seeds into their hearts. So have fun, keep them moving, and create excellent songs that cause kids to worship God in a fresh way!

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Brad Guldemond

Brad Guldemond

Brad Guldemond is a worship leader & singer/songwriter from Toronto, Ontario. You can learn more about him on his website: www.bradguldemond.com.