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Interview w/ Mike Kim About the Outloud Conference

Interview w/ Mike Kim About the Outloud Conference

By Wisdom Moon on March 20, 2012

Recently, Wisdom Moon had a chance to interview worship leader/songwriter, Mike Kim, about an exciting worship conference coming up, that he is coordinating...

How did Outloud Conference get started?

Outloud was a natural progression from several regional worship nights we hosted. I felt we could culminate these nights with a conference and launched Outloud in 2011 with a desire to impact and equip churches in deep worship. By deep worship, I don't mean a particular style or sound but moving from running a service to hosting God's presence.

When we host someone either at our house, restaurant, event etc. everything is about that person. Further, we wanted to make an impact in churches across the Northeast U.S. Church can be a different animal in this part of the country, and we wanted Outloud to be a place where we can all learn more about stewarding a move of God in our respective ministries. There are 3 tenets the Outloud Conference is based on:


We’ve enlisted the help of some people that will lend their expertise to particular ministry needs. Jesus Culture's Bryan & Katie Torwalt, New Life Worship/Desperation Band's Glenn Packiam, Joel Klampert, The Father's House (church of 5,000+) in Rochester, NY...these folks all have proven track records both in their local churches and itinerant ministry. They are truly from the church and for the church.


We could all use “more God” in our worship gatherings. None of us are against programs, so you won’t hear any baby-out-with-the-bathwater rhetoric at Outloud Conference. But what we are after is a shift from running a church service to hosting God’s presence. We’ll talk about this during our teaching sessions, but most importantly we’ll do it together when we worship.


Conferences are often heavy on information but light on impartation. Outloud Conference is a time where God’s people can receive more than great teaching. We want to pray for new strength, anointing, and vision to come upon your life and ministry. And we’re all going to ask our good heavenly Father to make His church glorious through each of us.

What was the response your first year of doing the conference? 

Tremendous. Our first night the sanctuary was so packed we had to seat people in the lobby. The response wasn't just in the numbers, it was also in the quality of ministry that took place. Things went well enough that a day and a half felt short, so we extended the conference by one full day without a big price markup. In fact, Outloud Conference is one of the most inexpensive worship events out there, especially for length of the event and the caliber of guests we have coming to minister.

When and where will it be held this year?

May 10-12, 2012 hosted by Church of the Living God, 199 Deming St., Manchester, CT 06042. The site is just 10 minutes outside of Hartford, CT. You can find out more and register at www.outloudconference.com.

What can people expect from this year's conference?

What makes Outloud Conference different is that we don't offer things you can find on an instructional DVD or YouTube. We wanted to hit even closer to real life and ministry issues, like what to do when you're trying to implement some order to a worship ministry in a small church, or how to balance ministry and family. Most of the challenges that arise in worship ministry aren't on the platform, and those are the things we want to hit.

Our lineup of speakers was brought in with that in mind...Bryan & Katie Torwalt bring a prophetic edge in their worship leading. Glenn Packiam brings a tremendous theological bent as a teaching pastor and proven worship songwriter. The Father's House team that has flourished (and survived!) their church growing from 500 people to 5,000 in about six years. Their church is incredibly diverse, so they've got tremendous cross-cultural and cross-generational experience. On top of that we're going to have incredible worship, too!

How can our readers be praying for you and the conference?

That Outloud Conference would ultimately be a tool to initiate change and growth in the people that attend. I've never wanted to hold an event for the sake of holding an event, and even if this year's conference is a blast, I wouldn't be opposed to shutting it down if it became just another thing to do. We want to truly help impact churches in our area, so please pray the ministry would be rich, the worship refreshing, and that people and churches would be able to connect with each other well after the event is over!

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