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Interview with All Sons & Daughters (with Giveaway!)

Interview with All Sons & Daughters (with Giveaway!)

By Wisdom Moon on June 02, 2014

I recently had the opportunity to interview David and Leslie of All Sons & Daughters. Hope you enjoy the interview. I’ve also interviewed them in the past on podcast episode #85 back in 2012.

Wisdom: First of all, congrats on your new album! I've been really enjoying it. I'm curious, why decide to do a self-titled album after releasing five previous albums with titles like "Reason To Sing", "Live", "Season One", "The Longing", and "Brokenness Aside"? Did you just get stuck trying to come up with a clever title? : )

Leslie: Thanks Wisdom, glad you’re enjoying it! We’ve been on quite a journey over the last few years – as a band, as a church community, as individuals. And we’ve been changing along the way, evolving through each season. So for us, it felt right to title it “All Sons & Daughters” because we feel like this project best reflects where we’ve been, who we are and where we’re going.

Wisdom: What was different for you on this album?

David: A few things…this one was probably the most true to song interpretation. We allowed the songs to move in different directions and we just followed along. I think it was also influenced by all the relationships we’ve been building, especially relationships with other churches, other writers. Relationships helped shape the songs. Shared stories, shared prayers, shared experiences.

When we began recording, our producer Paul Mabury had encouraged us to play through the song “For Your Glory and My Good” and allow the nuances in that song to flow through the whole record. So we let ourselves run a bit wild musically… more so than we have in the past.  

Wisdom: One of my personal favorites on the album is "Christ Be All Around Me", which you penned with Leeland and Jack Mooring. How did that song come about?

David: Leeland had the chorus which is from the prayer of St. Patrick. He saw the prayer in an Irish pub and it stuck with him. So he shared it when we met. When we dove into that prayer, man…it just came quickly. We probably wrote the song in an hour and we were blown away.

Leslie: Yeah, we wrote the song in an hour and then spent an hour just singing and worshiping. It was a sweet moment.

Wisdom: I was searching Youversion the other day looking for a new reading plan and was pleasantly surprised when a devotional popped up with your name on it. What was it like writing a devotional for the album and how has the response been?

Leslie: We leaned on our friend Sarah Macintosh for help with that. She’s on staff with us at Journey, she leads worship…she knows our music and our community. Plus, she’s a great writer and was able to help us pull it all together and interpret the heart of the project, which is really the heart of our church. Hopefully, it will add a new depth to the songs and vice versa.

Wisdom: You guys live in the Nashville area - the hub of Christian music. I've seen and heard of a lot of indie artists moving to Nashville to get "discovered". I'm sure you've seen a lot of them as well. What words of caution or encouragement would you give to those indie artists wanting to move to Nashville for that purpose?

David: This is what I learned personally… be who you are. Don’t be anything someone else created. Don’t take yourself so seriously. And enjoy every moment. Appreciate each moment for what it is and where you are, and learn from that moment.

Wisdom: As influence grows, the number of people that want your time grows. I'm sure you've experienced that in the past couple of years. So many people want to connect with you, whether it's through social media, email, or in person when you travel. It can quickly become overwhelming. How do you manage those requests and stay sane, and continue to be influencers?

Leslie: Great question. Figuring out our time away and getting to the point that it’s balanced is getting harder as opportunities increase.  It’s hard to say no…we want to build relationships with other churches and worship leaders but we also want to serve here and be with our family and friends. It’s been a process of letting go of some responsibilities at home/church so that every moment counts. We have a community that supports us. Otherwise, we couldn’t do it.

Every time we’re at home, we try to enjoy and live in that moment. And we do the same on the road. I guess it comes down to living presently in each moment and being thankful for it.

Wisdom: Lastly, where can our readers go to check out the album and download the charts?

David: Our charts are on our website - allsonsanddaughters.com. Just click on the “resources” tab. You can listen to a few songs there too or find them on Youtube.

We’re working on some tutorial videos next. We should have those up this summer.

Wisdom: David and Leslie, thank you so much for taking the time to share with us today! This was a lot of fun!

Here’s your chance to win their new CD:

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Wisdom Moon

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