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Interview with Hillsong Young & Free + CD Giveaway

Interview with Hillsong Young & Free + CD Giveaway

By Admin on November 12, 2013

Special thanks to Hillsong's Young & Free for taking the time to share about their debut album We Are Young & Free, which recently released. This is the brand new generation of worship music from Hillsong.

All About Worship: Can you tell us a little about the inspiration and goal behind this first album?

Alex Pappas: The goal behind this first album is to bring voice to the current generation of Youth. Young & Free is our Youth Ministry, and we sing these songs so that young people can express their worship in their own way, and experience freedom that can only be found in Jesus Christ.

All About Worship: What is it like introducing new songs to your peers?

Alex Pappas: It is the most exciting and most vulnerable thing in the world! In saying that, the response from our Youth Ministry and our peers has been very positive. Honestly, the project has felt so “God-Breathed” from the beginning as not only our youth, but our entire church has loved singing these songs.

All About Worship: Can you tell us about the singles “Alive” and “Wake” – how did those songs come about?

Alex Pappas: "Alive" was a very monumental song for Young & Free, as this was the song that set the tone for the album. It began when my friend Aodhan King, a fellow youth worship leader/songwriter, came over to my house to write a song that would be new, fresh and exciting. After working on it for several weeks, we sent it to our Youth Pastor, Laura Toganivalu. She later got back to us that afternoon that she loved it and wanted us to introduce the song to our youth ministry at our annual conference “Encounter” later that week. From the moment we introduced the song, we could tell that we had found the sound of our youth ministry as young people erupted with excitement and praise as they sang this song.

"Wake" came about a few months later as myself and Hannah Hobbs decided to write together. We wanted to write a song that right from the beginning declared a statement of faith that we as believers every day choose to follow him, and that He is with us always. Once again, when the song was introduced, young people were ready for it and were so excited to sing a new song of praise.

All About Worship: How do you create worship music that also is on trend with what the youth generation is listening to daily? How are you going to stay culturally relevant?

Alex Pappas: While the genre goal of the project was to create a sound that young people would want to sing, staying culturally relevant is not the goal. The goal is to continually create an atmosphere of worship where young people can connect with the living God and have new understanding of the freedom that comes from Jesus Christ.

All About Worship: Being a part of Hillsong worship carries a lot of weight and responsibility, how does it feel to be part of this great team that has a history of releasing some of the most-sung worship songs? Is there a lot of pressure?

Alex Pappas: We are fully aware of the rich heritage that comes along with Hillsong Church, but the only thing we have felt as young songwriters, is support and encouragement. Our senior Pastors Brian & Bobbie Houston, have always been about empowering the generations to step up and lead in new ways. This would be why we have had the full support of our whole church from the beginning.

All About Worship: Are you excited to be part of the UNITED tour this November? What will it be like to tour the U.S. for the first time?  What are you most looking forward to?

Alex Pappas: We are so excited to have the incredible opportunity to travel with Hillsong UNITED later this year for many reasons. Some of which being the opportunity to share our songs and our message to a long standing audience, but we are so looking forward to having the privilege to learn from our big brothers that really have paved the way for us to get to do what we do. We are so excited to see what God has in store for this project.

All About Worship: Alex, thanks for sharing with our readers today! We appreciate your time and your heart!


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