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Interview with Jamie Nunnally

Interview with Jamie Nunnally

By Admin on January 06, 2015

We recently had the opportunity to interview worship leader and songwriter, Jamie Nunnally. Jamie is also the Lead Pastor at Victory Fellowship Church in Thomasville, GA.

AAW: First of all, could you tell our readers about yourself?

Jamie: Sure, I am just a regular guy who loves God, loves music, and has a passion to use music to connect people to God. I drink way too much coffee, I'm an obnoxious Alabama college football fan, and I love deep theological discussions. I'm an amazingly silly individual and my inappropriate sense of humor gets me in trouble sometimes. I'm genuinely surprised my family keeps letting me come back home every day, to be honest. I'm a huge fan of God's grace because I am exhibit A: A total goofball that is amazed He can use someone like me.

AAW: Last year, you went from bi-vocational worship leader and youth pastor to lead pastor of your church. What has that transition been like?

Jamie: It has been pretty amazing. Thankfully God has given our church an incredible worship leader and music team so I don't have to stress about how that's going to work out now that I'm not leading. It's really cool to see how God has transitioned me. I can almost feel an unseen shift in the atmosphere as the Lord is using me in a new and different way. I still love writing music and leading worship but my heart to teach, counsel, and shepherd grows exponentially each day. It's a good feeling to know that you're walking in the direction He's asking you to!

AAW: What have you learned about the worship leader role from being the lead pastor?

Jamie: Just how important the position really is. Worship is not just the primer for teaching. It in itself can be the experiential point of contact that opens a person's heart and anchors their faith. When a worship leader is fully functioning in their gift it makes my job as the pastor so much easier. It's also been good for me to see how my current worship leader can do things differently than I did when I was the worship leader and God still honors him. Our church's success in worship was never based on who was leading, but on whether or not God had been placed at the centerpiece.

AAW: You're still writing worship songs. In fact, you have a new album called, God Is With Us. Could you tell us the story behind the project?

Jamie: The more I get to know God, the more I am overwhelmed that He wants to know us and be with us. I just wanted to write and release anthems where the church could rally around His presence. I feel like so many Christians are busy trying to live for Jesus when He never really asked us to do that. Instead of living for Him, we should attempt to live with him - aware of His presence at all times. I mean, what would it look like if the church actually acted like God was standing right there next to them at all times? It would change everything! But that's the truth - everything that Jesus did for us was so that He could be with us - and He is with us.

AAW: What would you like the listener to take away from the album?

Jamie: I would love listeners to fall in love all over again with Jesus as they listen to this album. There is plenty of worship music out there these days. There are plenty of songs to sing on Sunday morning, but I pray that our childlike wonder would be reignited and our passion would be rekindled for Him - just like the very first time we met Him. 

AAW: What did the songwriting process look like for this project?

Jamie: A handful of the songs on this album had been written for a while and in regular rotation at our church, but most are newer expressions of worship that have never been introduced in a worship setting before. I submitted the songs to my producer, Sean Hill from Uphill Studios, and said, "Ok bro, let me have it." He and I re-wrote, polished and revisited until we were both happy with what we had. Anyone who says worship songwriting is easy is crazy! Writing for all age groups and writing with the intent of congregational singing, all the while keeping theological precision at the forefront can be very trying, but I love it. What an honor to supply the script of worship to God's children!

AAW: With your church responsibilities and being a husband and father, how do you find the time to write songs? Has that been challenging?

Jamie: Yes, it's been very challenging because inspiration never comes at a convenient time! I use a smartphone app to record lyrical and musical ideas so I can capture things as they happen but still move on. Many pastors take Mondays off so I usually schedule time on Mondays to devote to songwriting. It's just a good discipline to learn to write when the inspiration isn't there. That way you don't fall in love with the lyric or melody because of the emotion, but can treat it more as a raw material to be developed. I've really grown to love scheduled writing.

AAW: What one encouragement would you like to share with worship leaders reading this?

Jamie: You are so incredibly important to the kingdom! Thank you for all you do! Just be yourself. Love God like crazy. Don't chase fame, money, or a platform. If you look at the ministers that have changed history, they all considered knowing Christ much more important than serving Christ. If you don't know Him, how can you serve Him and ask others to follow you? God loves you and wants to be with you. Make that your only goal in ministry and the rest will work itself out.  

AAW: How can our readers connect with you and check out your music?

Jamie: I'd love to to connect with everyone! My website is jamienunnally.com and I can be found at facebook.com/jamienunnally and on Twitter at @jamienunnally.

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