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Interview with Jonny Hale of The Desperate

By Admin on January 07, 2012
We recently had the opportunity to interview Jonny Hale (The Desperate) about their ministry and music. Check it out below and be sure to watch their EPK at the end of the interview.

Wisdom: What is The Desperate?

Jonny: Real Raw Revolution Ministries created The Desperate as a movement of people who are desperate for more of God and desperate to see God revealed in the lives of their friends, family, and everybody they come in contact with. We also created thedesperate.com as a social app to gather a generation of believers together around that idea.

W: Could you share with us what the process was like working on Songs For The Desperate?

J: In the natural and logistically working on this first Songs for the Desperate project was... really exciting and very difficult all at the same time. Noe Chapparo and I started the project when we were both living in Tampa, FL and that worked great. It got really difficult when I felt called back to Georgia and Noe moved to the Faroe Islands off the coast of Denmark.

From that point on we wrote, recorded, and engineered over Skype, ichat, screen share, iDisk, Dropbox, and whatever other technology we thought might help get the job done. We were able to fly Noe over for a week of recording in Florida as well as mixing and mastering in TN and GA so that helped a lot.

God really gave us a grace for the interesting circumstances we were recording in. I would stay up until 3 or 4 in the morning and Noe would get up at the crack of dawn or vice versa so we could record together and God would always show up and really connect and inspire the ideas we were bringing to the table. It was amazing to be thousands of miles apart and still have a great creative flow and an extremely worshipful atmosphere in everything that we did.

W: What is the main thing you hope the listener takes away from this project?

J: We want people who hear this album to be challenged to a deeper level of intimacy with their Father. We want people to hear these songs and say, "You helped me say what I couldn't put in words."

We are always more focused on declaring the creative Word of God than with being musically creative. I hope what people take away from this project is not in the wisdom of men, but in the power of God (1 Cor. 2:5).

W: What's the one song on the album that's been getting the most response from churches? What's the story behind that song?

J: The song that is getting the most response when we play it live right now is "I Surrender". It's a song that was written very quickly during my own personal worship time. The song simply tries to express our need for surrender and submission to the Holy Spirit. Because of that it has become an anthem in the altars almost everywhere that we go.

We've seen hundreds of people at the altars over the last year crying out, "I SURRENDER! COME AND CHANGE ME! HOLY SPIRIT HAVE YOUR WAY!". There have been times we've played that song for over an hour as people are just saturated in His presence because of being yielded and surrendered to God.

W: What role does scripture play in your songwriting?

J: Scripture is the foundation, beginning and end of everything that we write. We don't write songs inspired by anything but the word of God. Nothing else is living and powerful and able to divide spirit and soul, joint and marrow and discern the thoughts and intentions of the heart (Heb 4:12). Nothing else can sanctify, set apart for God's purpose, like the truth of the Word (John 17:17). Nothing else is held higher in heaven than the Word of God.

God regards His words higher than His own name (Ps 138:2). Psalm 119:11 says that we hide His words in our heart to keep us far from sin. If you want to write songs about Jesus you can't get away from the word because John 1 declares that Jesus IS the Word!

Sorry, to go on about that. You got me on my favorite subject. I think it's very interesting that all the melodies and musical arrangements for the psalms got lost but it's those words inspired by God that endure. That's why we hold His word and truth in such high regard in our writing.

W: What's next for The Desperate?

J: We are currently working on 4 new projects. Our label Real.Raw.Revolution Records recently signed a band called Lady at The Well and we just finished up all the tracking for that album which will be out soon. We are also working on the second Songs for the Desperate album, Noe's solo project, and my solo project.

The thing we're most excited about coming up is traveling and ministering in 2012. We're currently booking for a tour all over the country and would love to hear from anyone reading this that has an event coming up they feel like we would be a good fit for.

A special thanks to Jonny Hale of The Desperate for taking the time to share with us. Be sure to connect with them online:  facebook.com/songsforthedesperate twitter.com/thedesperate twitter.com/jonnyhale twitter.com/noahchaparro realrawrevolution.com

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