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Interview with Kings Kaleidoscope (and a Giveaway!)

Interview with Kings Kaleidoscope (and a Giveaway!)

By Joel Paul on November 03, 2014

All About Worship's Joel Paul interviews Chad Gardner of Kings Kaleidoscope on their newest album and songwriting techniques. 

JOEL PAUL: Describe the creative writing process for the album Becoming Who We Are.

CHAD GARDNER: We do a lot of jamming as a band, swapping ideas, sending each other voice memos and then I usually wrangle all the ideas and try to organize them. I wrote a lot of the lyrics with my good friend and fellow producer Brian Eichelberger. 

JOEL: With about a dozen musicians, how do you arrive at creative decisions which everyone agrees upon?

CHAD: Fortunately we all share a lot of diverse musical interests and tastes, and really respect each other! We talk a lot about decisions and end up agreeing on most things. It helps that we’ve played together for a few years and all get along really well. We’re all best friends!

JOEL: What is the meaning of the song title "139" on the upcoming album?

CHAD: It’s a song that I wanted to write due to the fact that I had the instrumental with me the summer prior when I was traveling a lot. I would listen to it while I was in Europe and then when it came time to write lyrics I wanted to write a song about God always being with me, which Psalm 139 is all about so I wrote it from that text with my good friend Brian Eichelberger.

JOEL: What challenges does Kings Kaleidoscope face during the album writing process, and how are those challenges overcome?

CHAD: Honestly, it's mostly scheduling! With such a big band its very hard to all get together at the same time. Other than that. just the usual searching for ideas and inspiration. It’s sort of something we can’t control, and we don’t always know what we’re looking for. But when we find it, it feels incredible.

JOEL: For those who are just getting acquainted with Kings Kaleidoscope, how did the group form, and what was the goal or vision when it formed?

CHAD: We started as part of a church plant on the University of Washington campus. Over the years we led worship at church nearly every Sunday, and our mission was to engage and serve our congregation and city to encourage them and give them a space to worship God together through song.

 JOEL: Who are some of Kings Kaleidoscope's musical influences, and why?

CHAD: We’ve been heavily influenced by Broken Social Scene, Anathallo, Radiohead, Kanye West and a host of other artists. With so many members we are constantly sharing influences and we really admire strong musicianship, honesty, and fearless creativity.

JOEL: How specifically do you desire the new album to encourage and inspire people?

CHAD: I want people to know that they are loved by God. It’s simple, but I pray that often. That people would know that this record was made through a lot of struggle and pain, and through it all God has been teaching us about how crazy He is for us as our Father. His love is not dependent on our performance or our legacy. We’re his children and He cares for us.

JOEL: When the group is traveling, how do you stay spiritually refreshed from the word of God?

CHAD: I have time set aside everyday that I pray for specific things and people and hear from God through His Word. Traveling or not, my soul needs to hear from my Father.

Kings Kaleidoscope (Tooth & Nail Records) is an alternative worship band based in Seattle, WA. They have released 4 EP's to date, all of which have seen the band progress further and further into the twixt and tween of genres. 10 members strong, the band builds upon the mainstay sounds of drums, bass, keys and guitars, by adding a vast array of orchestral elements including violins, cellos, woodwinds, trombones, trumpets and vibraphones. With a strong hip-hop influence and an energy that nods toward The Mars Volta, the band is able to capture the extremes of dynamics, and project emotion like few others can. Their new album "Becoming Who We Are" hopes to satisfy an audience seeking creativity, musicality, and authenticity in not only the music itself, but Who the music was created for.

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Image: Aya T Sato

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Joel Paul

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